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Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Proposal

Who would've thought, a simple chat about room renovations can lead to a wedding proposal??? Hahaha.. no one I bet. But who cares cos I'm getting married!!!

I guess it's true when they say, "when you met him, you'll know" Was not love-at-1st-sight (too ego to apply this for modern courting) but our feelings towards each other grew after months of knowing each other.

I have yet to ask my sisters on how to approach mum n dad about this. Really didn't expect that he's gonna propose! *lol* Naah.. he didn't do it like those in the movies, i.e. romantic candle lit dinner, bending on one knee.. God No! That'll embarass me in front of everyone!! It's a good thing he didn't cos if he did... i won't be able to surprise my ladies!

Confronting my sisters was nerve wrecking. Since it's school holiday so they opted for a lunch out (MY TREAT! buleh?!?!) . They guessed it plg sudah... bullets of questions bh dorg ah! Questions like "u've been propose?" "by who?!" "who's this guy? mana ya kaja? how old is he? org mana?" hahaha Yes peeps, my relationship with boyfie has always been a secret. Heck, I even denied my feelings the first time he confronted me *lol* sorry love...you know I love you. ;)

Boyfie said he'd want his parents to come over to my place prolly in December *butterflies*
I knooooooowww~ That'd prolly mark the beginning of my wedding preps...
I need a wedding planner! No, I can plan... but I need other to help out.
Question is.. who?

I need someone secretive... hrmmm~
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