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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wedding themes!!

The coffee aroma is very breath taking..don't u think?

Yeap, I just had to have my dosage hot coffee few mins ago due to the chilly weather over here in the office (as I’m typing this draft). And it got me thinking, remembering how me and dear fiancĂ© actually come up with our wedding theme. Macam2 colour timbul, he wants red but not cherry red, deep red + burgundy of some sort (yes dear fiancĂ© can be very specific *at times*) .. I want silver, not too dark, not too light... with silver blings! ;) ;) The plan continues on with red and silver invitation cards, red and silver hantarans, red and silver bedrooms~ red and silver catering theme.. semualah red and silver!!! But ofcourse one can only dream but when facing reality, susah sikit lh ah.. *sigh* (Alhamdulillah atas kurnia yg d berikan...)

We had thought of wearing a silver grey baju for our Nikah, hehehe, like so (ofcourse mine with lace lah ah~)

...but as I've mentioned before, Sunnat hukumnya memakai putih for Nikah, soo.. cross 'silver baju theme' from the list but maintain it for our Hantarans.. putih suci bersih came in~

colour quality kureng sikit, the pic is supposed to be satin white *winks* can't wait to actually wear them!! *giggles*

To share info with all, a theme can be anything actually, u may want colour theme, brand theme, events theme... Some couple wants to have a white wedding, a blue wedding, a green wedding, a red wedding… etc, etc and the list goes on like FOREVER!! (selagi mcm2 colour wujud) or maybe for receptions at hotels/halls (especially for Ambil-ambilan), one could go for the Arabian Nights theme,Taj Mahal, English, Classic Theme, 1960s theme, fairy tales, Tiff and Co. … anything wich is widely accepted for a wedding, it’d be interesting, no? Harry potter banquet style pun cool tu! Mcm santap di Istana.. :) :)

When choosing a theme, you need to decide whether or not you want ur theme to follow eeeveeerryyything, and I mean everything! Every little details masuk..from cakes to dresses to makeup to bridal bouquets to decorations of Pelamin, walkway, arches and yes, to ur bedroom even!! I have examples of wedding themes I got from Google...

all in 1... pink and shades of purple~
hehehe nyaman sul cakenya ah.. may be opting for the design of this wedding cake (mcm theme blog ani ah?)

peach and orange~~ not my fav colour but these sure look stunning!!!

again.. not my cup of tea but still.. hehehe cm lawa jua those ballerinas! pengapit makai lawa jua tu..or the cute little flower girls~
Aaaahh..which reminds me, need to call Sunil Emporium for my curtains. I think siap dh ne..kesian my room nda betabir~ *lol*

Anyways (continue?) we actually want something like this...

..crayzee kan??? But, our red, silver/white theme only includes, pelamin, baju songket, bridal bouquet and shoes saja. :) Even my family 'uniforms' lain!! Oh dear me..now that I realised it.. nda lain kh usulnya tu nanti??

Tell me, the fam will be wearing wearing brown pink, the uncles and aunties maroon pink, the cousins grey peach, the nieces/nephews blue yellow! UCB? *lol* I know~ I totally messed up the whole theme. Bedroom would be another different theme lagi... have to choose yg lasting colour jua :) :) I know my curtain and bedsheets will look great tu nanti!! *iskiness* hehehehehe We loiiikkkeee~!~!~!

Last but not least, more themes and updates coming up. Apologies to all for my lack of updates.... anything just leave me an SMS in my chatbox on the left. TQ~ :)

p/s: I still don't know about the blowing of the candle and colourful threads thingy? anyone tell me?


  1. i suggest bride groom one theme colour..family punya uniform should be different colour.. spya klu bgmbr ramai..pengantin nda tenggalam oleh baju seluruh kluarga yg sma dgn pngantin.. so better contrast them.. if u have white silver, mke sure family light blue o sumtin else... if u go for red time sanding, let ur family be in pink or puplr o maroon..as long as nda sama dgn bride n groom... does dat makes sense to u?

  2. Shenun.. yeap, it does. Hehehe that's why my families semua lain colour and we sorted them with diff colours. Pangkat aunty2 and uncles lain.. pangkat cousins lain.. hehehe tau jua kan...


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