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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Turqoise / Aqua Blue Theme

Salam all...

Those of you who are still planning for your wedding theme and is a major big fan of Tiff & Co. .. behoooooooolllllllllddddddddddddd~~~~

floral designed cake

the blue bouquet
the Tiffany's theme
another example
gorgeous innit?

the doorgifts?

ring pillow
another bouquet with aqua blue pearls.. *sigh*
the pelaminan... (my comment this one can be beautify lagi.. :) )
the baju ... :)
I'm gonna make this a weekly thing, so next week will be another theme colour lh tu.. :) :D

Monday, 29 June 2009


Salam all…

Alhamdulillah dear future sis-in-law’s sanding ceremony kemarin berjalan dgn lancar. Apologies to all as I can't put their pictures in, if u guys wanna know how her pelamin was like.. it’d be like the 2nd pelamin I’ve posted in my earlier entries (the one captured by UcingItam) Majlis yg diadakan secara sederhana *Alhamdulillah* and I must say, I did quite hmm… alright? Dear fiancé ckp he was quite impress with me during the event yesterday? I don’t know dari segi apa though… ada ya cerita to me tu nanti.

Everyone’s been asking (family members and friends) regarding why we (us and the future sis-in-law) inda buat our wedding sama2. alang2 on his side... balik2 on side... mcm2 lh lgi. There was a plan, yes, but due to reasons (which I don’t really know) it was decided to hold the weddings on 2 different dates. Good jua lah (hehehe at least byk masa buat preps) BUT here’s some tips for those yg mau kawin adi-beradi together on the same weekend! *yay*

For same genders (female), senang sikit,
  • the solemnization ceremony can be done in 1 afternoon (Nikah saja lah.. antar/menerima berian included time tunang dah) .. normally @ home.
  • bebadak, badakmandi and bepacar shall be no probs cos two ladies can have their these ceremonies at one go
  • Sanding, m sure each couple wants their sanding to be on different pelamins.. so, ani ikut runding bicara lh. One could opt for : a)1 big pelamin with 2 sets of sanding seats, b) 2 sets of pelamins for each couple.
  • Basuh kaki (for Tutong folks) … I suggest sepelamin saja, senang but get a long one :)
  • Ambil-ambilan pun simultaneously!

Saves a lot of $$$$ I must say… 

But for diff genders (bro and sis)
  • Solemnization to take place @ different times but the same day, e.g. Bro in the a.m, Sis in the p.m
  • Bebadak, Bedak mandi and bepacar, simultaneously
  • Sanding, definitely hav to do it on different days (**unless the Bro atu kawin serumah saja.. i.e Wife not local or Muslim converts) : a. Bro and Sis sanding @ Halls / Hotels together… an option for ** b. Bro to Sanding in the evening (after bebadak) c. Bro to Sanding immediately after Nikah (cos I know some couples prefer to skip ALL the Adats and just go straight to Sanding) d. Bro to have joint receptions with his bride @ Halls / Hotels, which is a different date from the Sis’s sanding
Anything is possible when it comes to planning your wedding (jgn bride wars saja *lol*). A good reader pun ada some info to share that orang dulu2 cakap inda bleh sepelamin if kawin on the same day (mbari the relationship inda lasting). I know pantang org dulu2 ani ada relevancenya so i would put it this way, inda kna suruh sepelamin cos takut pelamin roboh, bisai jua different pelamin (at least nda sma dlm gmbr) and citarasa masing2 mana sama.. payah tu kn decice a pelamin of which 4 ppl can agree on for their wedding..for sure sorg mo theme ani..sorg mau theme atu~ nda ja? That's why nda advisable by the Elders (in my opinion, that is).. and probably takut besanding with a different partner?? *lol* Using 1 pelamin is not a normal case nowadays, cos I know most will go for a pelamin of their own..asal muat rumah~~ and cukup $$$$!! If dlm dewan no probs tu.

Pasal hubungan inda berpanjangan atu... well I know, jodoh di tgn Allah S.W.T, and it's how we jaga the relationship that keeps it strong. Responsibilities, the Do's & Don'ts..insya-Allah, hubungan husband and wife akan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat *Amin*

Saturday, 27 June 2009

check, check!

My wedding is just a month away~ *let’s just skip the 5 days shall we?* So it’s time to review the checklist…

1. Acquire Borang 4 (Borang for JuruNikah) – dearest aunty will help me out
2. Balasan Hantaran – got almost everything, tinggal antr for deco ja lgi
3. Baju2an… for Nikah - OK , Bebadak – OK and Muleh 7 – OK (I’d say it’s pretty much simple.. banar!)
4. Invitations – slowly being distributed
5. Doorgifts = for Nikah – OK, Bebadak, Menculiki dan Dzikir – OK, Sanding (Adults and Kids) – OK
6. Baju Sanding (50% ready)
7. Rental of accessories – Confirmed!
8. Dian 4 and Lapik Nikah – Confirmed!
9. Rental for Pelamin (3 events) & Basuh Kaki – Confirmed!
10. Flower bouquet - Confirmed!
11. Driveway Deco – Confirmed!
12. Staircase Deco – t.b.c. (to be confirmed~)
13. Catering – Confirmed!
14. Pengangun – Confirmed!
15. Gulingtangan – Confirmed!
16. Make-Up – trial soon~ (one of d weekdays)
17. P.A System (for Nikah & Dzikir) – Confirmed!

That’s not too bad right? Basically everything is ready..tinggal following up and constant reminders to all like gulintangan, make-ups, P.A System, photog and decorators ja laGi :D :D Oh btw, need to prepare a list for my berians ne.. checklist! Checklist!!

With that, I end today’s rants… nyaman sulnya mliat my cat tdo ah..kn tdo th plg jua hehehehehe!! Another tales coming up soon~ take care all..

p/s: d Sanding ceremony for future sis-in-law will be tomorrow.. I’m nervous. This will be my 1st time meeting the whole fam .. and I mean, WHOOOOLLEEEE family of my dear fiance.. *bitenails* Wish me luck???

Thursday, 25 June 2009

just dropping by~

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm EXCITED!!

5 days inda jumpa dear fiancé mcm *WAAAAAAAAAAA*~ Seriously, we nda jumpa for 5 days?? hahaha that's record breaking~ (cos both of us are here in Brunei). I've been talkative and active the past few days... effects of coffee?? No?? Yes?? Maybe... *silent*


Anyways~ agenda for tonight would be chiling with my family @ home...put some of my stuffs back into my room and then admiring my Nikah flipflops (yes, I'll be wearing flips flops... knape? tak percaye?) and the Sanding sandals~ *sigh* 5 more weeks to go..and next week? Make-up trial session!!!!! *insya-Allah~*

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wedding themes!!

The coffee aroma is very breath taking..don't u think?

Yeap, I just had to have my dosage hot coffee few mins ago due to the chilly weather over here in the office (as I’m typing this draft). And it got me thinking, remembering how me and dear fiancé actually come up with our wedding theme. Macam2 colour timbul, he wants red but not cherry red, deep red + burgundy of some sort (yes dear fiancé can be very specific *at times*) .. I want silver, not too dark, not too light... with silver blings! ;) ;) The plan continues on with red and silver invitation cards, red and silver hantarans, red and silver bedrooms~ red and silver catering theme.. semualah red and silver!!! But ofcourse one can only dream but when facing reality, susah sikit lh ah.. *sigh* (Alhamdulillah atas kurnia yg d berikan...)

We had thought of wearing a silver grey baju for our Nikah, hehehe, like so (ofcourse mine with lace lah ah~)

...but as I've mentioned before, Sunnat hukumnya memakai putih for Nikah, soo.. cross 'silver baju theme' from the list but maintain it for our Hantarans.. putih suci bersih came in~

colour quality kureng sikit, the pic is supposed to be satin white *winks* can't wait to actually wear them!! *giggles*

To share info with all, a theme can be anything actually, u may want colour theme, brand theme, events theme... Some couple wants to have a white wedding, a blue wedding, a green wedding, a red wedding… etc, etc and the list goes on like FOREVER!! (selagi mcm2 colour wujud) or maybe for receptions at hotels/halls (especially for Ambil-ambilan), one could go for the Arabian Nights theme,Taj Mahal, English, Classic Theme, 1960s theme, fairy tales, Tiff and Co. … anything wich is widely accepted for a wedding, it’d be interesting, no? Harry potter banquet style pun cool tu! Mcm santap di Istana.. :) :)

When choosing a theme, you need to decide whether or not you want ur theme to follow eeeveeerryyything, and I mean everything! Every little details masuk..from cakes to dresses to makeup to bridal bouquets to decorations of Pelamin, walkway, arches and yes, to ur bedroom even!! I have examples of wedding themes I got from Google...

all in 1... pink and shades of purple~
hehehe nyaman sul cakenya ah.. may be opting for the design of this wedding cake (mcm theme blog ani ah?)

peach and orange~~ not my fav colour but these sure look stunning!!!

again.. not my cup of tea but still.. hehehe cm lawa jua those ballerinas! pengapit makai lawa jua tu..or the cute little flower girls~
Aaaahh..which reminds me, need to call Sunil Emporium for my curtains. I think siap dh ne..kesian my room nda betabir~ *lol*

Anyways (continue?) we actually want something like this...

..crayzee kan??? But, our red, silver/white theme only includes, pelamin, baju songket, bridal bouquet and shoes saja. :) Even my family 'uniforms' lain!! Oh dear me..now that I realised it.. nda lain kh usulnya tu nanti??

Tell me, the fam will be wearing wearing brown pink, the uncles and aunties maroon pink, the cousins grey peach, the nieces/nephews blue yellow! UCB? *lol* I know~ I totally messed up the whole theme. Bedroom would be another different theme lagi... have to choose yg lasting colour jua :) :) I know my curtain and bedsheets will look great tu nanti!! *iskiness* hehehehehe We loiiikkkeee~!~!~!

Last but not least, more themes and updates coming up. Apologies to all for my lack of updates.... anything just leave me an SMS in my chatbox on the left. TQ~ :)

p/s: I still don't know about the blowing of the candle and colourful threads thingy? anyone tell me?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

sekilas info

Hellew hellewww...and Salam~~

1 month, 1 week and 1 day (as of tomorrow)... I'm nervous gillleeeerrrrrrrrrr!!!! Dear fiancé pun started practising "Aku terima nikahnya......" every now and then, whilst I kept on thinking and checking my planner whether I've done this and that sudah. So far, like I've said before ... everything is doing alright. Semua masani decision making saja ni.. which I'm very poor at but the gud news is~~ I have already found the look for my berbedak and sanding pelamin!!! Sama sajalh...just slightly different from pelamin Nikah. I'm trying to save $$ for something else *hee-hee* Something for dear fiancé (ssshhhh!!) .. hopefully I could get it *winks*

All the stress from work and at home.. timbul jerawat di muka ah... macam, aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ada jerawaaatttt!!!!! And my only antidote is coffee. Yes, I need my coffee. My stress reliever, seriously!!! I've been on my no coffee diet since the past few months (tpi kdg2 mnyampati jua membali Mochachino @ Cz *lol* I knoooowwww~~~~)... which reminds me, if any of yous belum lgi try the ice blended irish coffee from Matadoe, then you should! you must! it's a must!!! (for coffee lovers lh yea~) nyaman kli ah~ *gulps* sesiapun eh... *sigh* Will have one before my wedding nanti... kira..umm hadiah for me, myself and I~

Oh btw, distribution of invitation cards has commenced!!! *winks* Dearest Dad pun sudah ingul2, "for ur friends.. type and process tia awal2, then giv it to them..." (will do~ will do~)
Sambil2 duduk2 ceta sama Dad, we talked about the Man yang menurunkan Pengantin (groom). Apparently, bukan calang2 jua yg menurunkan pengantin ani~ Same like Penganguns, dorg ani protects the Groom from any outside 'interference' as you would call it.. krg mcm arh movie Labu Labi (semua org pengsan... Na'uzubillah~) Dad told me how dulu2, yg membawa the groom ani would be org beilmu karas, so strong sampai ayam melintas tempat laluan Pengantin pun bleh pengsan and mati selajur!! *Whaatt??*

Dad : "Asta... nda pecaya ni. Ada lgi pernah masa c ****** kawin dlu, dorg bearak kai rakit kn tu... nada payah pengayuh~~"

Me & Sis : "whoaaa.. cool!!!! Andang turun temurun kh.. or mesti org yg terpilih sja kna ajar tu?"

Dad : "Org2nya yg ada tokoh lh saja tu.... nanti betanya arh Angah mu, nda plg rajin betanya Babah ani, tpi it's good to share knowledge kn?"

Me & Sis : *smiles*

So like, di rumah yang menjaga tani the Penganguns (until the bride and groom disandingkan) while the groom double th plg tu... Pengangun jua, yg menurunkan (Penjaga) ani jua. In the olden days, sampai mematahkan (by stomping) buluh lgi tu before masuk ke rumah Pengantin Bini. I have yet to ask my Dad why before bersanding atu, pengantin kna suruh tiup a series threads and candle atu ah.... is it because it marks the end of our single life or apa? Anyone can tell me? Cos I never seen the rituals being donne before for both of my sisters... pardon me for being absentminded about this thing yeah~ Maybe I can ask my Pengangun (who is now confirmed to be my aunt, mum's 2nd cousin) about this.. then bleh lh tell you lots.. tapi lama jua lgi tu, so can you all please ask your penganguns (yg kan kawin soon ani) apa gunanya meniup lilin atu? And why the "Pusing Naga"?

My head ayong2 sudah...mata pun layu~ *yawns* think I should take my zZZzZzz now...
Until my nxt entry (hopefully end of this week)


Sunday, 21 June 2009

just another Sunday morning

Today marks to be THE day for 3 ppl I know...
  1. future sis-in-law (Solemnization Ceremony today)
  2. one of my gfs (Engagement)
  3. office friend (Sanding) - different branch
Right about now I'm still weighing the thought of whether to attend (2) & (3) or just (1). Macam, mun dpt d tampik badan ani bsai bh ni..

But anyways, I'll ponder on that one as I typed my following entry. Was planning to post my 'Wedding Must Shots' but I seem to have too much info to squeeze into one, so edit2 dlu lah yea~ My bedset was fixed into my room last Friday, and oh, oh, oh was I really excited!! :D Sapa inda kan?? I know I've mentioned to few that I cudn't fit the bedside table to yeh, the bedside.. apparently Friday evening atu dpt kami usahakan *lol* I was knackered that i even fell asleep infront of my lappy while on the phone with dear fiancé *tsk*tsk* shame on me!!

The process of having to get all my stuffs back into my room can be tiresome... so far, ehe, I only got the tiny hanger being put next to my wardrobe *lol* need to do my 2nd session of jualan lelong ni... i.e. giving away my clothes to my relatives. My aunties byk dh aim dorg with my baju kurung *lol* Cali bh dorg ah... Oh dear, I shud be putting on names for my invitation cards.. banyak kan d bagi ne today *I hope*... and yes, I decided to attend (2) & (3) ... as for (1)? will attend the Sanding ceremony next week :D :D

Semoga Berkekalan Bahagia Hingga Ke Akhir Hayat

and to Z & A,
Semoga Berkekalan Hingga Ke Jinjang Pelamin
(as my mum said to me, "ko mo betunang saja forever kan??.. sampai pelamin lah.. then dh kawin, baru th 'sampai akhir hayat'....!!" kana sebiji leh Mummy.. hehehe love u Mum~)

Will uplooad the pics later today.. Insya-Allah~

Friday, 12 June 2009

... atas tarikh~

I was running through the checklist for my wedding preps today...
  • Kursus Nikah - got the 4 chops already!! Yippee~~ (the chops would be the attendance chops) Was a very interesting course indeed.. *smiles*
  • Borang for Jurunikah - to get my Aunt's help with that since she works @ Pej. Ugama.
  • Pelamin - design(s) decided, need to choose lapik nikah and dian 4
  • Invitation cards - ready for distribution, process commence next week (after Tuesday)
  • Bedset - to get them delivered this Friday a.m. cos I hav to do fittings for bju nikah, bebadak and Muleh 7 in the p.m
  • Flooring - done~~~ lawa kli ah!!! I like~~ I thank YE20 for this.. *thumbsup*
the finished work for my room extension, the wardrobe can go here
and yes, the finishing touch of my laminated flooring... At first, Mum was not happy about the chosen colour but now she's alright :)

  • Curtains and bedsheets - July
  • Catering - confirmed
  • Baju (Nikah) - done
  • Baju (Bebadak & Muleh 7) - fitting next Friday .. *yay*
  • Baju (Sanding) - killer!!! Embroidery done, manik and jahit belum.. tpi keren kan~ *lol* Even dear fiancé 's one pebaik th nda berembroidered pun the beading works looks gorgeous sudah! ---- **note to my ladies, SILVER ah!!!! (tho I know they will change it regardless *lol* look what happened last tym when one of us got married.. kana suruh maroon jdi warna gold hahahahha that was funny~)
  • family uniforms - distributed
  • Pengangun - t.b.c
  • Photog and Make-Up - confirmed, pretty nervous with my MuA tho cos I've never seen her work for weddings before but I think she can do well. A sister's word is worth trusting, right? Cos my sis yg recommend hehehehhe Remember dear.. ur work will be posted up here~
... so far so good I must say~ another wedding to attend this weekend... but this time, with dear fiancé :) :) :)

Thursday, 11 June 2009

... just my rants

A short update from me so as to tell everyone that yes, I'm still sane. Preparation is going on smooth *Alhamdulillah* dearest fiancé has gotten 3/4 of his Invitation cards ready, reason being... the 1/4 got smudged? For whatever reason I don't know.. prolly ada ink spillage arah the printer (thinking positive here) For his side of the family senang sikit cos got list sudah from my future sis-in-law's guest list (her big day's end of the month..) buyuk kan? Tinggal mikirkan name lists for his friends saja lagi...

As for mine? they're ready to be distributed sudah.. hehe~ My closest friends have got theirs' and a few of my juniors... still need to give some prolly by this weekend *Insya-Allah* tinggal sikit2 saja kan menambah2 and yes, the office... will get the invitation cards out early July nanti insya-Allah... I am still thinking of the pelamin theme for our events.. prolly will use the same pelamin saja for the 3 events, play with the lighting and deco saja... amacam? should be ok, no?... pening, pening, peningggg~~~~

I will most definitely go over to my tailor's boutique this p.m to check on things.. oh yes, which reminds me.. I need to call the furniture to arrange for furniture delivery. since flooring will be done this Friday... payah bh, my only free times are Fridays and Sundays... macam haaaaaaiiihhhh~~~ I have to check my baju lgi, confirm pelamin lgi, Dad will nego my Sanding day catering this Saturday so that should be ok... for Nikah and bebadak catering..it'll be catering kg saja... makanan kg kli ah nyum2!!!

My room.. I need to, clean my 'chandelier' before the furniture comes in (mesti berkilat kilau2an... it's a 24 yrs old chandelier...classy~!) sudah atu baru th I get the furniture delivered then installation of bedroom curtains and bedsheets.. would want them properly fixed into my room latest 3 weeks before the big day .. yes (just to ventilate ..bau baru~~) I want my room bau air freshener saja or maybe some fresh flowers nanti ah... ?? hmmmm we'll see... ada saja caranya tu! Yatah macam now.. it's mid-June sudah.. I have to get all those done in 3 weeks.. nope inda banyak masa??

Delivery for sanding doorgifts was yesterday.. yatah family room kami packed with boxes masani... macam org baru pindah rumah th jua usulnya *lol* my oh my..... 'factory processing time th lgi tu.. but that'll be in July lh.. *sigh* speak of which need to apply for leave ni nanti.. I'm gonna take a loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg break.... don't know what the plan cos everyweekend of my leave atu mmg my wedding functions saja from Nikah aaaaall the way to Muleh 7 hari... so probably will definitely try to squeeze in some short honeymoon-ing in between. When there's a will, there's a way kan???

Sunday, 7 June 2009

the dream pelamin...

First and foremost,


This little Bride-to-Be is wishing them both a happy wedded life sehingga ke akhir hayat.. Insya-Allah *Amin* She looks so lawa today.. and I was told that the pelamin and hall decorations was from Roz Flower Boutique. *Ooh la la~* Mesti drop by kesana ni nanti... *errr* we'll see...~ All this week ani sudah I've been thinking about pelamin, pelamin, pelamin... mcm heeeyyy~ I already got mine booked what??! Slots booked but pelamin not confirmed... hehehe cos I promised the Pelamin boutique owner that I'll be coming over lgi sometime in June.. and now, yeah it's June!!! *winks*

Went to the place with dear fiancé last Thursday and my God, both of us were most definitely enchanted by this new dais design yg the place offer!!! Yg kami banar2 mau ada ani baaahhhh..... *gasp* Macam past few night we were discussing to change our pelamins due to *ahem* running out of ideas on how to redecorating them.. and instead we both set ourselves on admiring the few new pelamins I surfed on the Net.. mcm aaaaarrgghhh WE WANT THAT!!! We want ours to looks simple but yet still soothing and elegant to look at? Cemana tu ah.... The other day was like hmmm... we want this but kain mesti ani...no, no, no not chiffon..kainnya mesti some sort of satin cemani?? dpt kh tu???.. I was like, whoaaa~ kami ani demanding kh? *lol* Well, honestly speaking we're most definitely trying to get what we want as close as how we want them...pebaik th inda exact? Eh no.. mesti exact bit with a twist hehehe

I always wanted a white pelamin with roooossseeesss~~ Yes, it's the IN thing masani I guess... Roses, I mean, mcm byk sudah but both me and dear fiancé wanted the same thing for our pelamin with a twist ofcourse.. yatah kami ani~ ... He's like 'Sayang.. if ada pelamin ani d Brunei, it's gonna be WOW tu..' And since we found it at the shop where we rent ours'.. maka dengan itu, diisytiharkan pertukaran booking bagi pelamin mempelai Raja dan Ratu Sehari ini... *lol* I'm trying to combine 2 designs ormaybe 3 designs in one..

I would wanna have the elegant one,
but with less greens...
(picture courtesy of AkadNikah.com)

added with a bit of gold frame.... sikiiiit aja...
(courtesy of UcingItam.com)

and yet still look as simple as this? ok no?
(courtesy of a M'sian site.. hehe)

Hmmmm, me and dear fiancé is still trying to figure out on how to create our wedding dais.... tunggu dan lihat, I'm pretty sure we've gathered banyak ideas dh by surveying looottss of pelamin pics *hehe* It's only a matter of whether I want my pelamin sama saja for the 3 events (Nikah, Berbedak and Sanding) OR Nikah lain, Berbedak & Sanding sama? So tell me.. what's ur pick?? Sama or different??

Friday, 5 June 2009

Platinum.. Platinum

Hi hi people.. don't really have much time to blog today .. I'm practically busy with sorting out the invitation cards with the names :) It'll be out sometime this month.. depending on the how fast me and my Dad can get them done *lol*

Dearest Mum on the other hand is pretty much busy with the Sanding Day doorgifts.. ribboning and packing etc, etc.. u know the drill. We hav yet to get the door gifts for Berbedak function in the Evening.. :) :) *yayness* Anyhoos.. will do a proper update pretty soon... right abt now, woould like to wish a cousin of my dear fiancé .. SELAMAT MELANSUNGKAN PERNIKAHAN this afternoon :) Mudah-mudahan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat *Amin*Amin* The Sanding will be next weekend so I might post up the pic here hehehe.. dgn keizinannya lh tu ah..

Exciting Reasons To Invest in Platinum Wedding Rings

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If you desire something special to the mark the start of your journey together as husband and wife, platinum is the perfect choice.

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There are many reasons why Platinum is currently the preferred alternative for many bridal consumers today.

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Baaahh bali th Platinum Rings!!!!~ Hehe... Cheerios!
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