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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kewajipan Lelaki Melindungi Wanita

Assalamualaikum all... found this useful link.. infact, I love everybit of the informations being put inside this website~ Happy reading! :)

Click saja the link above yeah?

Mrs. A

Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's the Pazzion!!

Honestly, I love the heel shown in this advert... very bridal like don'tcha think? I actually grabbed the pic from ranoadidas.com (yes, yes guilty ol' me..) but one can only admire the heel soooo much!! I really need to drop by to the place one day~ Watchout ShoeLovers, I see a competition now...

Another competition I see in town would be... Firoz Jaya and YMRM, with the opening of the new Firoz Jaya Textile Palace in Kg. Delima.. I'd say, the laces are quite a *thumbsup* but ofcourse nothing beats the idea of shopping for laces at Gulati's, Euro Moda, Jakel or someplace else like.. ermmm, Dubai or Bandung, Indonesia! *sigh* The idea made me feel like I wanted to get one myself... I'm thinking peach?? Maybe.. just maybe~

Anyhoots, as I was surfing through the Net, I've found something informative to share with you ladies... have a go and read this...

When you begin planning your wedding, one of the first decisions you will have to make is what colours to choose. This decision has to be made before you start thinking about your wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses and overall reception style. Here are 7 colour choices that will be top of the list for 2011 weddings.

1: Red Hot Cherry with Luscious Lime: This may seem an odd mix when you first hear these colours said together, and although it is a bold statement, when these colours are combined right they create a striking impact on any wedding reception.

2: Coral and Grey: Beautifully subtle. These colours are going to be a big hit for weddings abroad in 2011. This mixture of soft, muted colours combine to produce an exquisite wedding theme sure to wow all who attend.

3: Hot Pink: Vibrant hot pink began growing in popularity in weddings a few years ago and there seems to be no halting this eye catching trend. Balance the pink well with sharp white and dazzling silver to have a show stopping reception.

4: Chocolate Mocha Browns with Soft Blush Pinks: Chocolate browns and pinks have been a very popular colour combination in recent years with the brown being the base colour. These colours create a relaxed setting that is modern and fashionable. A chic choice for any of today’s couples.

5: Tiffany Blue with Pale Aqua: Tiffany Blue is a very elegant colour, classic yet modern. Teaming this with light aqua shades and whites will make your wedding cool and refreshing, crisp and contemporary. If you want to add another colour to really create an impact try some bright green floral in your bouquet and centrepieces.

6: Shades of Orange: Oranges in all shades have always been a very popular choice for autumn and fall weddings. However in 2011 orange is going to be a hot colour throughout the entire year. Orange can be used in many ways. When paired with browns and golds it creates a warm sophisticated reception, however team it with spring greens and you have yourself a fantastically fresh, contemporary style.

7: Black is the new…Black: Elegance and sophistication are always created through the use of black. A crisp black and white combination is a sure fire hit to creating a stunning wedding reception. Add in some sparkle and silver through your accessories for that the icing on the cake.

Written by and copyright of A Wedding Less Ordinary - Unique Wedding Favours & Accessories.

A Wedding Less Ordinary is the UK's largest retailer of beautiful wedding favours and wedding accessories offering you unique, trendsetting and personal wedding favours & party gifts that will create lasting memories for your guests. Start browsing for your perfect favour in our online store: http://www.aweddinglessordinary.co.uk

Let's see which of the 7 became a popular hit.. :D

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lambat setapak..


Assalamualaikum all...

As expected yes, I have been neglected this blog since hmmm November? Mood cuti.. Bercuti aannnd semuanya cuti! And what a holiday it has been.... Hoping for a blissful year 1432 Hijriah and 2011 that holds sooo many interesting adventures, up and downs for some and ofcourse, the awaited weddings on 11.1.11, 1.11.11, 11.11.11 and not forgetting 20.11.2011. But then again, those are all just dates right? Masani, mostly orang tunggu availabilities of halls saja. Hehehe, ah well.. I know little on the trend these days. It's time to get back to my feet! *yes!*

To add, this upcoming Chinese New Year will be the Year of the Rabbit, and like all rodents.. they reproduce fast! So.. will there be an extra boost in our population this year? Especially with the increase in maternity leave from 56 days to 105 days~ *gasp* And iskiness too, who knows this could be my year (YE20 and Miss83 as well~) Do'a and usaha *insya-Allah*

Yohjah : congratulations in advance from all of us in here. Do update us from time to time yeah... it has been awhile... Lamaaaaa dah nda betukar story!

As for me? Well- my job has been keeping me very the hectic since early 2010. Asal balik rumah confirm ngalih, all I did was just laaaazzeee around, watch t.v.. and perkara2 yang berkaitan dengannya... Last December had an urut session with a bidan, kena usai2 jualah peranakan ani.. slight pain but I'm taking it positively, at least I know everything's OK now :) Alhamdulillah

WISHLIST this year, is to launch a 'branch'-ing blog.. something to add the spice up ;) I just need to get all the layout and plans ready.. *hopes for the very best*

To all my bride-to-bes, brides, mum-to-bes and others (too much to mention), I would like to ask for an apology for 1431H /2010 have been a slow year for this blog and if ada salah and silap in some of my facts or kata2 harap dimaafkan. May 1432H / 2011 be a success to all of us insya-Allah~

Last but not least,


Mom, on your birthday
I celebrate you being you,
my extraordinary mother.
You have made such a difference,
created so much good in my life!
I celebrate your smart mothering,
your clever, creative methods
of gently molding your beloved child
into your vision of me:
a strong, capable adult,
an unselfish person of good character.
I celebrate your boundless
physical and emotional energy...
loving me, leading me, supporting me,
lifting me when I fall.
On your birthday, Mom,
I celebrate the best thing about my life...
having you as my mother.

By Joanna Fuchs

Until the next entry... xoxo~
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