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Thursday, 31 December 2009

-={@ 2010 @}=-


I'm back to the beloved country... yes, didn't really go overseas that long~ It was honey-money afterall kan?... :D got stuffs yg i wanted but yg REALLY wanted nada! *boo-hoo* A little update, FINALLY did our POSTWED PHOTOSHOOT and it was faaaabulous!!! Well, I hope it would be..~ Tunggu and lihat saja nanti k?? Hehehe!!

But anyways~, in the matter of hours it'll be 2010! And next Tuesday is the 1st year anniversary of our 'adat bersuruh' Inda sangka ah..? *sigh* More weddings of friends to attend *Alhamdulillah* (Hubby and I can hear some rumour of wedding bells coming along in 2010 *WOO-HOO!* You guys can't hide from us :P :p :P but we can hide from you~~~ ) and the first for 2010 would be my photog's Sanding function. Congrats Ucingitam and wife for the solemnization last 18th December 2009. And insya-Allah we'll make it on the day nanti :D

I know I promised all to talk pasal room renovation, but I believe I did so talked about it last time? So.. feel free to check out the link below ani yeh? Don't wanna flood much of my entry.. so yeah~ :D :D :D Been trying hard to find out how to change "anda mungkin juga meminati" to "you might also like" ... cali sulnya? no? I know we utamakan bahasa Melayu here in Brunei, but this blog is merely random rants and talks about weddings... so if ada orang yg pandai sana atu? or the fiance or hubby tau cemana and what's the cause, please leave me a chat k? TQ~

Lastly, AGAIN!!! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU HIJRAH 1431H dan MASEHI 2010. May next year be a better year for all of us... insya-Allah~

Monday, 21 December 2009

PLAN PLAN PLAN.. for 2010!! : Part II

Salam and aloha~

I'm sooooo excited now that I am somewhere overseas enjoying the sales! Bought a cute dress yesterday~ Hubby finds it cute..shopping mode blum ON sangat cos sana sini laawa baaah! :( *sob* Anyhoos, before I set off to go and do MORE shopping. Let me continue the PLANNING update.

Step 6 : Pelamin. This normally you survey around dulu and then, book and deposit latest 3 months before your wedding. My likes were by Maszalina Boutique (house event), Roz Flower Boutique, Ruzz Pelamin and Nurhayana (the 3 boutiques provides house and hall pelamins) . The pelamin business is ever so growing that even RN Wedding pun do decos and pelamins jua. So yes, I would advise everyone to go round and do your surveys and choose which one suits your budget and likings! :D OR if you fancy some new designs for your pelamin. Enquire the boutique awal2 so that they can do their part of preps as early as they can.

Step 7 : Doorgifts (or Souvenirs, as it has been well-known to most). This one, what me and my sister did was to identify events yg we want to bagi souvenirs, namely yg berjemputan saja lh.. yg family only ndada hehehe :
  • Nikah, ___ ppl @ $____/person
  • Berbedak, ___ ppl @ $___/person + ___ppl membadaki @ $___/person (bleh jua kn bgi different for male and female)
  • Sanding,__ppl@ $___/person, some couple pun suka giv diff. doorgifts for little kids e.g snacks, lollies and the likes.
Note to all, price of doorgifts atu must includes packaging :) Ideas can be like ranges to lots of stuffs which can be used by our guests. I would prefer if kna bagi that little notebook for all, dpt jua scribble2 stuffs in it OR maybe fridge magnets to those yg berkemampuan? OR maybe.. hrmmm, kes paning2 just give green packets? no? *hee-hee* But ofcourse, to most, they still prefer dry biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, local snacks like sapit, baulu, penyaram, kuih cincin and the likes... *sigh* Even mentioning them makes my tummy grumble! Oh-my!!

Step 8 : Having sorted, the venue, invitation card, catering, pelamin, doorgifts, baju, make-up and photog...now you only have to worry about Decos! This includes :
  • Hall / House - aisle to the pelamin / driveway. Mine was just few lanterns from Roz Flower Boutique and it's lovely!! i wished I could keep them all hehe...
  • Car (for the groom) - own car deco, of which you need flowers, chiffons and ribbons (easily available at HOKKO or Buttons and Lace or Happy Star)...OR package with the catering services (FREE provided yang mengambil the catering atu the Pengantin lelaki side himself..if us ladies, inda jua dapat tu... unless kahwin di dewan and tani berhias dirumah, THAT maybe negotiable.. )
  • Wedding Arch - ALL flower boutiques offers this one. So you have nothing to worry of, EXCEPT if lambat buat decisions. Last week as i was going out for lunch with a friend of mine I saw one Arch yang I really loike~ I loooooiiiikkkeee berabis! That I even tell my friend to get it for her wedding!! *lol* The arch I saw was at Ami-Yani Bridal Boutique d Pandan 4, KB (sebaris DST)
  • Stairway - self deco (abit cheaper *winks*) or tempah if you think the deco you wish for is cheaper being done by the experts. I would prefer either way for my place but considering $$ was needed for something else so I skipped that and ended up buying lining with only costs about $1.50/m and bought like double the length of my staircase. My sisters all did the same thing as well..so that makes me no different. :D
  • Room - normally package with the stairway deco and car and aisle.. but most of us prefers to have our own room decorated by ourselves right? hehehe but the easiest bit would recycling and improvising the concept of what's in your room before to something more elegant and smart. :)
Step 9 : Room renovation... of which, I will touch on room renovation in my new post nanti.. ~

The shops are already calling my name! Hehehe~ I gotta run dulu.. til nxt time yeah?


Wednesday, 16 December 2009


My last entry on theme was last October, sorry for that. I came across a few yell-o themes for next yr's bride-to-bes! Couples are getting moore and more daring nowadays, maroon / burgundy *coughs*, pink, magenta, purple... even YELLOW!

Here we have yellow and black~ notice the heels.. nice ey? Buat baju pun bisai tu.. get a black lace aND yellow lining and voila~ you have a chic modern wedding dress!

This pelamin I must say is simple, playing with the flower deco and lighting jdinya ia appear jdi yellow :D

Loving the table deco...suitable for meja pengantin.. simple AND elegant! Ofcourse to make it even more elegant, use yellow roses instead of sunflower. Another romantic touch I must say~

to compliment that.. kerusi pengantin pun dsign like this lah? cana? No need to cover up the whole chair if u can't, just get some lining kain to tie the ribbons around your chairs like so~ ;)

another 'regal' theme for yellow~ classic pelamin but modern baju.. sapa berani?

yellow invitation card~

yellow wedding cake

yellow wedding bouquet.. NOT to be used with yellow baju tho! Else it wouldn't stand out, the flower should be used either with white, brown or black ;) turqoise, apple green.. basically jgn kuning and kuning lh..

I have yet to continue my 'planning' entry. insya-allah by end of this week yeh? until then..


Monday, 14 December 2009

PLAN PLAN PLAN.. for 2010!!

Assalamualaikum ladies..~

With the new year coming up (both Hijriah and Masehi) I would like to wish upon everyone Selamat Menyambut Awal Tahun Hijriah 1431. New year, new styles and new newly weds! :D

As I was reading the chatbox the past few days, I could see that I somehow forgotten to put in on HOW I PLANNED OUT my wedding. It's more or less like what reader has explained in the cbox but I think, better tah I explained in details lagi. Just so not to get all confuse. My sister really helped me out with this one.

Step 1 : List out events for your wedding ceremony. Where and when will it take place? This will give tani the idea of brapa orang kan dijemput untuk satu2 event atu.. e.g. Nikah @ Masjid, surely you would want just close family and friends saja yg hadir kan? or Berbedak and Sanding @ Hotel / Hall... check with the hotel/hall :
  1. harga sewa and deposit
  2. ramai org ya bleh accomodate (Maximum)
  3. meja & kerusi provided or not? roundtable kah meja panjang mcm camp style
  4. how long before the function can we mobilise into the place.
  5. room for dressing up
  6. catering they provide or not (for hotels)
  7. entertainment services (some place provide their own entertainment services whilst the others we normally prefer either tausyikh, dzikir, hadrah, gulintangan or just simply get a CD with the mixture of all hehe cheaper kan?)
Step 2 : Once sudah dapat all the infos d atas atu, then you decide no. jemputan yg kn d jemput for each event. Whether or not you want to have different invitation cards for each function or just inserts dlm ur invitation card for different events atu. D safest way would be combining all the details of other events atu in just 1 invitation card. Then again, ikut $$$ lh. You might wanna go the cheaper way of printing ur own invitation card urselves OR at our local printing shops OR go online and customade ur own cards overseas... manaja yg you want and within the budget.

Step 3 : Catering. If you're the type yang rajin mengaga org kawin.. no harm in doing food testing on the spot. I'm sure most caterers will leave their leaflet on the food table OR better yet, check out their uniforms for phone no.s and keep them safe for survey purpose. Things to look out for catering :
  • the food they serves (check the package as to what they offer)
  • other stuffs they provide like tents, chairs and table, tablecloths, platforms, fans, PA system perhaps?
  • facilities like fluorescent lamps for tent (especially those yg ada event malam)
  • services like serving drinks and sweets during the scorching hot day event (normally org suka ni)
If semua ani dpt di offer at a reasonable price and +ve feedbck frm others.. might want to take that into consideration? UNLESS, you prefer to rent the tents, tables and chairs elsewhere.. caterer from the small restaurant next door pun I'm sure not a problem (normally cheaper ni cemani and ofcourse nyaman!) check lh saja the difference between the prices. :D

Step 4 : Baju. Upon dciding your events, location and caterers.. here comes the best part. The wedding attire. Normally prices of rental for baju songket ranges from ($300-$600) dpending on what you want. Price is inclusive with accessories like tiara sets, veil, brooches, bracelets and the likes. For baju nikah, if I'm not mistaken.. as far as I rmember it's ranging from $150-$200. again dpending on whether u want to customade a nnew one or just rent the existing. If u ask me, if you can afford to buy the kain (which I'm sure Jakel in KK or KL is on SALE at the moment) might as well beli kain utk baju Nikah atu right? A reader once asked me, yes they sale it cheap BUT dpending on which type of beaded lace you prefers. :) :) :)

Step 5 : Make-Up and Photog (and maybe video). I samakan saja in this 5th step cos they are EQUALLY IMPORTANT! Make sure you do trials for Make-Up AND book them as early as possible pasalnya, the good ones selalu kena book awal. But then again, as you go to Bridal Shops, kdg2 they offer their make-up service package with the baju2. As for photog and video (ani you all mesti weigh it out), some prefer to have both where as I preferred to have just pictures. Enquiry these ppl on the availabilities awal2 k? To avoid disappoinntment...

Step 6 : to be continued... hehehe

Thursday, 10 December 2009



A dear friend of mine, Nor (bukan nama sebenar) just tie the knot this early weekend of December. And silly me for not putting in the greeting for her... she and her hubby is still on their honeymoon~ *sweet* hehe me jua yg alum atu kan? But mine will come up sooon.. Insya-Allah~ *whee!!*

A week before that, another dear friend of mine, Siti (bns) got engaged. Congrats to you too babe~ Hope to have a taste of your 'Nasi Minyak' next yr! ;)

They were both oh-so-gorgeous!! I wish you gals the very best!!! *AMiN*

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

a true story [for the LADIES]


I'm sure it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha~ Sorry for the late update, been having moodswings (time of the month) the past few days... yth, I've got no mood to post a new entry.

I've been meaning to post up this entry, something a dear friend of mine wishes to share with you all. Identity remains anonymous. You all may find this story abit off but it's good to take note.

A dear friend of mine wanted to share this story to all... I guess she wanted us to be prepared with the possibility of
BUNTING PELAMIN. Yes, yes.. the very significant pepatah melayu (Pepatah Melayu kh Peribahasa ah?) I'm sure eeeeevvvery ladies wishes to grasp. *Insya-Allah* :) Rezeki masing-masing, and kitani hanya mampu merancang. Apparently, ramai jua orang dapat bah ah..unless, yes.. time kahwin atu *coughs*...

Obviously the next step we want in our married lives would be, having babies! Yes, I would dream to have sebanyak2nya... they're just cute! Insya-Allah~ *AMIN* So this friend of mine kan... she got pregnant immediately lapas ya kahwin but she didn't realised it (ofcourse siapa jua kan tau?) until she missed her period and did a home pregnancy test. This was 5 weeks after her Sanding. She was overwhelmed but didn't want to go to the clinic just yet but her constant headache was bugging her. Tepaksa diheret ke clinic ni baru ya mau... Banar!!

Unfortunately, when she finally made it to the clinic... she had a minor bleeding of which she thought was just "spotting" but flowing... try to Google this up yeah ladies~ So..she told the doctor that she's pregnant, first pregnancy, suffering headaches AND bleeding at the same time! The doctor instantly looked worried as she told her abt the bleeding, she said. She was then immediately referred to the Gynae Clinic @ the Hospital and was told that she's in a situation of a threatened miscarriage!!! *gasp* The doctor did asked her what she's been doing the past few days before the bleeding, any excessive exercise? and what she eats? Then, I abruptly asked, '
Apa saja yg nda dpt d makan ani kan?'

Apparently ladies~~ once you know that you're preggy please, please, pleaaaase
avoid eating pineapple, anything hot, capsicums, peppers and papaya not forgetting coffee~ Avoid being all stressed out with work! Apparently, my friend had all those.. nafsu and dugaan bulan Puasa kan? Then again, it's just a precaution..some ladies makan jua, stress jua and all those, pun pregnant all the way jua. Rezeki kan? I guess It's just wasn't meant to be for her. A few days after she booked herself for gynae, she had a miscarriage. Her pregnancy was just 6 weeks old masa atu and she had to recover herself for 3 months (3 kli period lh tu?!?) before she could get pregnant again..

I felt sorry for her as she told me this. Dugaan Allah, maybe it's not time yet babe... Wallahuwa'lam~

Kesian though, she didn't have the chance to tell us that she's pregnant..tau2 we heard the news that she miscarried. That's why she wanted me to share this story in my blog... to let us all know, do's and don'ts. Why not kan?

Thanks love, insya-Allah after 'cuti' atu belurih tu~!~ *Amin*
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