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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Thought I should make a proper greeting to all my Muslim readers, may this Eid truly brings forgiveness to us all. Without realising, it's already a week plus of endless openhouses invitations to some.. tpi ingat-ingat jua lh, those yg inda berkemampuan k? D 1st week ani, didn't do much raya-ing as I'm pretty much occupied with work (so does hubby)... 1st day ofcourse lh, spent my day at our parents' place. Hehe, tiring but great fun. My family skipped doing our raya convoy ritual this year, why? Cos 3rd day of Raya sorang2 kami going back to work and mengalih kli tu ah~ Soo... kes nda mau kengalihan, berehat saja lh ;)

Just to share with you lots, me and hubby celebrated our "going out" anniversary on the last weekend of Ramadhan (akhirnya sampai hajat kan sungkai out *hugs*) Hehe yeh, our first dinner was in Ramadhan, that's why I love the month so much .. it has a blessing of its own. Teringat jua that time that we have not yet done our POST WED shoot *lol* Oh my!! And yeh... planning to go somewhere nanti but inda jua jauh sgt lh.. In need of retail therapy baby!! So prolly.. hmmm end of the year? Or mayb early nxt yr.. see lh hw it goes~ So now, it's browsing places for our mini honeymoon~ It is afterall the beginning of all honeymoons kan? ;) ;)

To my readers, especially Dk25, YE20, Miss83, Rach8, HisBumblebee (HB), Na21, reader4 and others which I could not mention, wishing all of yous Selamat Hari Raya and the very best of luck for the upcoming wedding preps. I believe Na21's wedding is coming up preeeetty soon~

Theme coming up pretty soon...

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Salam all..

I'm very sorry for I can't update the blog at d moment. My espeed connection is abit koo-koo at d moment..hence, now blogging via my hp. Nasib jua dpt but abit susah kn upload pixies....I bet ryt nw everyone's bz with their Raya preps, not forgetting ada jua yg dub dab dub dab with their upcoming weddings (biasalah, abis bulan puasa, start tia with open houses and ada jua yg d selajuri with wedding ceremonies.. :) ) To all bride to bes of 2009, I wish you all the best..! Enjoy every moment of it, and jgn luan stress2..

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Thanks to...

Salam all..

A month plus has passed, and only 8 days till we celebrate hari raya. This will be my first year celebrating the Eid with my husband...and I hope mudah-mudahan ibadah us all in this holy month of Ramadhan is fully blessed by Allah S.W.T.

I've been meaning to have a sungkai out with the hubby (yes, just the 2 of us..but then sampai now nda kesampaian.. we have other important things to do *sob*) Inda apa, there's always next time.

I know this is a bit late, well..better late than never, but i would like to express my thanks and gratitude to my family and friends for their hard work during my wedding functions. You guys made it possible...my little fruitees for helping out with the campur packaging, mummy and our maid with the mlm bebadak packaging, Dad with his guidance and advices and others yg terlibat..
  1. My official photog - UcingItam, can't wait for the album!~ hehehe I have yet to get my softcopies frm him
  2. Official MuA - Syazlie
  3. MuA for Mlm Bebadak - Hjh Rohaya of Roza Rohaya
  4. Nikah and Sanding (for kids) campur - Taste On Tray,
  5. Caterers - Hj. Zainal Catering (Sanding), Restoran As-Salam (Mlm Bebadak) ... Nikah (a mix of few caterers) ~ thanks to my parents yg mau negotiating the caterers
  6. Nikah, Berbadak and Muleh 7 attire - S&S Boutique, Kg. Lumut
  7. Sanding Attire + Accessories - KHJ Bridal Boutique
  8. Pelaminan (Sanding & Basuh Kaki) - Ruzz Pelamin Enterprise @ Batu Bersurat
  9. Decorative Lanterns & Fresh flower bouquet - Roz Flower Boutique @ Serusop
  10. Accessories for Nikah & Bebadak - Myzura Bridal Gallery @ Kiulap
  11. Curtains, Header, Bedsheet, Duvet and Pillow Covers - Sunil Emporium @ Tutong Town
  12. Entertainment - CitraSeni
Thank you to all.. mudah-mudahan business bertambah maju, insya-Allah~ Wishing everyone a happy Sunday ;)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

the bajus,,,

Salam all...

Hehhehe I see byk yg really want to know my baju2.... lambat bah ah c Bride ani (I know~) It took me sometime to organise all my pictures (from my very own camera) into the right folders.. yes, I am that fussy, different pics shud go to different folders. Sorry again.. but what I'm about to share with you all now prolly would entice everyone. Hehehe it's on how I come up with making my own baju (except for Sanding) rather than renting them all out. Now for those yang sudah survey sana sini, you all know the basic price for renting out baju songket / nikah sepasang starts with a minimum price of $350.. if a couple decided to have 1 function saja, then by all means... do this :) But me, well..~ had to really calculate and manage by budget well.

1. The Nikah attire, since it's all white.. I figure, I may have it for me own.. kegunaan masa depan (say, official ceremonies?) What I had in mind was to create a chiffon baju kurung with white and silver beads...and lace pun I want yg simple one saja.. all white~ not creamish white.. but white, white.. Tpi entah somehow, the time when I was looking for d chiffon... sana sini takde~ hence i ended up buying a package deal for lace and satin sepsg (bride and groom) @ Euro Moda in K.L. I made mine to just a simple baju kurung fesyen design.. at least, the price sewing it was cheap had to pay extra for the kain sja cos I had to ask my tailor to do lace patching.. pun it turn out alright :) :)

2. The Berbedak attire : the thought of wearing traditional Brunei Malay attire for this event, I was like, jgn th tabal2 material bajunya ani... if sewa saja possible around $350 min. (for baju) + the attire lagi.. mau2 jua $600 jdinya right? So I thought, what if I can get everything below $350... get a plain kain, buat beadings and I can wear it for a function or apa nanti kan... and since, my darling hubby wants a blue jongsarat with gold threads (bepakan amas) Jaaadinyaaaa.... behold~

This was, I must say, 'last minute' plan... the initial plan was to wear the same baju I've worn for Muleh 7 for Berbedak event, BUT since sayang jua kain untuk hantaran atu inda d jahit kan? (with Raya coming and all) So just hantar kedai.. design it in such a way that it doesn't appear simple.. nor will it appear too fancy. Karang mcm christmas tree susah jua tu! and.. yeh, the price of my own baju + rental of accessories < rental of baju songket ONLY (so u see how much I saved kan?)

3. Sanding attire.. both darling Hubby and I wanted to wear original songket bunga tabur with silver threads. Yes.. it was pretty tiresome scouting for the actual blood red songket with silver threads but the end result was tiptop. We had ours custommade to our designs at KHJ Bridal Boutique nda nyasal lh mbuat disana... :) Modern & classic design was our theme..with the material of just PURE songket with silver beadings... simple but elegant at an affordable price. *thumbsup*

4. Muleh 7 Attire.. bought it at the same place where I bought my nikah attire. package too! harga kain + tailoring (tmpt biasa saja) + rental of sinjang and dastar = rental of songket (both male and female) with accessories. not much difference here.. but at least we get to keep the attire kan. Plus if we were to send it over @ any bridal boutiques gerenti the price would be like rental of 2 songket sets.. so yeh, jahit d kadai biasa saja.. :D I trust my tailor.. cost us just 20% off the normal price if we were to send our attire @ a local bridal shop.. :D :D :D pic of the baju? hahaha nanti th I upload, silly me to forget capturing the picture of this one *lol*
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