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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Kain Jongsarat

Salam all,

H & W

B4 anything.. heartieeesst congratulations to my dearest cousin who got married this weekend. Ku do'akan semoga ikatan perkahwinanmu bahagia and berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat *Amin* Be glad that you're the 1st one to get your pix posted in this (I know ure not aware of this but ur sister is... so, yeah~) hehehe

Surprisingly my cousin nda kana pinta kain Jongsarat, macam 'aii.. where's the Jongsarat? sudah bg time tunang haritu or andang nada???' Rupanya, it's cnfirmed bnr2 nada, so I guess.. it's an option by us ladies' side.. mau Jongsarat or inda?

Nowadays, to get a Jongsarat is easy peasy~ It's practically everywhere. Made and produced by locals. You would know better. I know my dad is very particular when it comes to scavenging for local made Jongsarat. He'd want his to be made by locals. Mesti halus tenunannya. The prices varies according to which design yang we want (the designs I cannot elaborate here lah ah..) I know a few names like the Arap Gegati, Indah Berseri.. si Lubang Bangsi (ada kh tu?) and then the design of the 'Punca' and 'Tapi' lgi...and ofcourse it'll also depends on whether or not we want them 'Bepakan' or inda.

I am very sorry that I can't describe all those words here on TalesofaBride2Be cos mesti u all go the Kain Tenunan Shop then u'll understand all that I'm saying.. unless ofcourse, u have the kain Tenunan Brunei design book~ Cheapest I've been informed so far for Jongsarat Bepakan is $350 @ Kg. Burung Pingai, Berakas (don't know buatannya lh but that's their quoted price), but I tell you this- so far yg I found, the prices ranges from $350 to $2K !! The more the gold / silver and coloured threads used for the designs, the expensive it gets.

Photo courtesy of TourismBrunei.com.

Which is why.. we opted for just using a gold thread for the designs. Inda payah th colourful2 threads hehehe at least the price is $500 saja. :) Dad pun advised nda payah th kn brabis2 just for a Jongsarat, bleh pkai $$$ for elsewhere lgi.. true, true~ *love u Bah* So we've made our Jongsarat at Kg. Bunut (sebarang Thompson kh tu if I'm not mistaken). Takes them about a month to get it done.. I'm not sure if dear fiancé has fetch them but he did tell me that the Jongsarat siap sudah~ Alhamdulillah~ *thumbsup* Fyi, they also sell ready-made ones.

There are few other places to make or even straightaway buy the Jongsarat like the Arts and Handicraft centre to start with, Kiulap (sebaris Chong Hock and also one sebalah BIBD) and also there's one d Kg. Lumapas and Batu Bersurat (rumah orang... I hope masih ada lh..cos my sister buat sana).. Spg masuk YMRM ah~

As I'm editting this blog.. I am getting myself reeady to go to my Aunt's place for a post-wedding kumpul2 session.. :) Mum's calling me dah ni ehehe til next time ppl..~

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  1. hi! mind sharing the details for the jong sarat u bought ? do email me at ilidirgahayu@gmail.com


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