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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

This week!!

Assalamualaikum all..

It's this week!! Yeap.. kami the AJKs ani pulang yang nervous to the max ni. Apart from additional stuffs added here and there for the event, Alhamdulillah everything is already in order.The only thing left now is to have our final meeting. You know, just to update on things and $$$ wise. We're still on track with the budget. Here's the checklist :

1. Venue - Done
2. Catering - Done
3. Doorgifts for all 3 functions  - Done
4. Rental for Pelamin - Done
5. Rental for attire & accessories - Done
6. Rental for PA System - Done
7. Rental for Walkie Talkie - Done

So in a way, most of the prep part is done lah. I am not sure as to where they do their hantarans tho. Maybe DIY kali saja. I did enquire on rental of dulang hantaran but all is not available.... which is understood. Musim orang kawin2 kali ne ah...~

It's gonna be a busy weekend for me...so will definitely posts updates after the events. Insya-Allah... and I can't wait for my 2016 project! Something for all to-be-wedded couples ;)


Monday, 14 December 2015

weekend gathering and labellings...


Despite the bz-ness we have managed to arrange for a family gathering (which we seldomly do except for tahlil and such) and was very happy that we have managed to finish packing all  the doorgifts for acara berbedak and sanding reception.

If you read my previous posts back when I planned for my wedding, yes, I loved to add some DIY touch to weddings.. so for my dear cousin, what I did was to custom water bottle labels for her. The bottles  they want to put on the VIP tables, and to be given for the tausyeh and dzikir group as well.

Designed by yours truly :) #BLBlabels

Then it got me thinking, did this before for birthdays..and again for my cousins' wedding. Why not make this thing something I can provide for everyone!!!! Not just for weddings but also for other functions (Birthdays, Mandi Belawat, Weddings... you name it!) Would you want our team to do this for you? I'm serious ne ah  (Please say yes... and if you do, can email me : ann.j1010@gmail.com)  It would be an honour to prep water bottles for your functions.

Minimum order : 24 bottles (300ml or 600ml or both) and our service includes, purchase, labelling and delivery (f.o.c for Brunei-Muara district and additional charges for Tutong dan Belait District) I have yet to think of a way to cater for people in Temburong.. any ideas?? I can only think of arranging meet ups di tambing.

Anyhoooooots, we're all set for the big day.... which is in 2 weeks time. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. 

Until next entry,


Thursday, 10 December 2015

hickory, dickory dock...


Exactly 2 weeks before the big day! I do hope my cousin sorted out her bajus and accessories sudah... *bitenails* We gave her the courtesy to handle this herself cos yalah.. she needs to go for the fitting and all kan?

My aunt and younger cousins are busy putting names on the invitation card. Kudos to her actually for being able to narrow down our invitation list from 700+ names to just around 300!? Aahhh-maaaaaa-zzzziiiiinnnggg!! LikeI said in previous posts, niat baik insya-Allah dipermudahkan.

Our family gathering for doorgifts packaging will be this coming Sunday. Between that day and today, I have to run errands, complete my field  work and meet up with my supervisors (please oh please let them go easy on me #overreactingalittle )

Until then.

Monday, 7 December 2015

we are the best!!

Assalamualaikum all...

It has beena busy busy week for dear 'ol me. Juggling with my field work, exams and be the so-called wedding planner for my dear Kaka.

Would like to express my gratitude to all those involve in the team and somehow, felt very grateful with the existence of social media aaaand Whatsapp! Proud to announced to all, that WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ALMOST 90% of the wedding preps. Believe it or not?!! We made custom invitation cards, bought all the doorgifts (and even had one customade for her solemnization ceremony nanti), booked a hall, mosque, we managed to booked her dream pelamin, caterings for both events are all sorted, walkie talkies, tausyeh, dzikir group... photogs, videographers yeh, well basically everything lah! *patsmeselfontheback* Give us a big hand of applause!! So yes, anyone wishing to seek help for their upcoming wedding is very the most welcome to contact me if you wish at ann.j1010@gmail.com 

I have something coming up in 2016 and I can't wait... Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dan beroleh keberkatan jua dalam menjayakannya nanti... *Amin* 

Alhamdulillah for everything lah... you see, bila sudah ada niat kan kahwin atu, better disegerakan and insya-Allah, dipermudahkan segalanya. Some may want to customade their attire... customade this and that but yeah- that's up to the individual. Nowadays, banyak sudah yang lawa2 the songket and everything. So if you're like the type, #justgoaheadwiththeweddingandbedonewithit ? It's much easier to rent it out. Much cheaper and cost savings! Oh, now THAT reminds me that I need to update the excel file on budgetting I downloaded years ago when I got married. My dear cousin have yet to decide on her bajus, accessories and MuA (managed to get only one.. well- she doesnt have a choice here...ramai MuA booked all December! Ani pun kira lucky jua ne, I doooo hoped she hired her.

Got our pakaian sekayu sent to Minah for tailoring (honestly- I don't know dimana di Bandar ani to do tailoring yang bisai... sent one to Minah Exquisute and fell in love with their workmanship) Bought the boy;s kain baju melayu (we have yet to send these for  tailoring coooossss, our usual tailor inda lagi ada di BN, yatah.. mcm everything is new to us ni this 2015 and here we are still juggling with our Bandar life since January..tau2 sudah tia the end of the year #masabergerakpantas

Until next time,

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mission I-M-possible !!!

Assalamualaikum ladies (and gents? eheh I believe there are male readers as well..kan?)

IT HAS BEEN ....... 4 YEARS?! Mengalahkan maternity leave my blog ani! *haha* I was reading through all my stories, and well-yeah it brings back the good 'ol memories I shared with Mr.A when we plan for our wedding.

Now, what made me do that? you may ask... 

I was actually looking for my checklist as we are now (in the family) planning a wedding for my cousin. And guess what??? It's next month.... I repeat, NEXT MONTH!!! Now, one would've thought it is an impossible task.. I mean, less than a month? Seriously?? Adakah segala MuA, catering, pelamins etc mau menerima ni at such last minute... especially tah if you want to hold the wedding dalam dewan??! No, I'm not complaining here... in fact, I am more than excited cos you see.. I get to update this blog!!!Aaaaaand too make it interesting, I get to check out bridal boutiques for pelamins!! *grins* 

So, here's the story...

Last Sunday was THE day our elderly had a family meeting to confirm the dates for my cousin's wedding. No, there was nothing fishy going on.. my aunt and cousin just simply want to do everything by end of 2016 (2016 bucket list perhaps?). Now, the mission is to plan a wedding that is simple yet elegant and not costly but have everything in it. 2 days, 3 events.. nikah at the mosque and berbedak and sanding in the hall.

Mission I-M-possible officially commenced! I'm soooooooo excited!!! Oh by the way, this weekend ada wedding showcase at RBRC. I will definitely drop by and have a looksie, and perhaps book!

See you there! 

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