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Friday, 16 April 2010


Salam Jumaat to everyone..

Today will be the day most couples decide to have their Nikah. Be it at the mosque or at home, us brides always want to make the most of it. I once had a plan to have a mini pelamin for this special event but due to seating location, I can't implement it. Was thinking to have something decorated like everything below ani......

With extra flowers, pillows, rose petals and NO butterflies
(no offence to those yg suka butterflies hehehe)

but sadly, arh my place the big window is facing the Qiblat hence, if me simpan my seat there.. I'll be sitting behind the Imam and face to face with the hubby and that's totally wrong!

I once asked my Dad, why this is so? He said,
sama mcm orang lakibini sembahyang berjemaah, isteri dibelakang kan? Inda jua kamu kan face to face each other... ? A simple answer indeed. *toink*

Another model I had in mind... PINK and white... simple but have to sewa the frame lgi. Yg awal2 td atu bleh buat sendiri ;) so take ur pick!
A creation of your own. A white lining chiffon is available at any textile shops, the leaves say.. arh Kedai $1.80. Flowers, can either be bought or rent at any flower / wedding boutiques and instead of spotlights, u may opt for floating candles .. voila!

another DIY set..using dividers and flowers with fur-ish carpets
I loooooovvee love love love loooove this one!
with red carpet on this one.. ;) ;) a simple deco for your engagement.
Sapa2 yg kan betunang atu.. *ahem2*

Last but not the least...this one is to die for!
Suits for Nikah, Berbadak Mandi.. or for Mandi Belawat (40 hari bersalin)..
cute kan? Chic and modern indeed! Buleh utk deco tempat 'Adat Basuh kaki' arh front porch ni.. :D :D Cool I say~

So yeah.. they are lots and lots of creative ideas we can come up with for our "MINI" Pelamin. Some even just go for drapes hanging here and there 'ala2 A Thousand and one Night' theme... *sigh* I guess, the next person in line (in the family) to get married will be really lucky to have me around hehehe .. paning kepala my Aunty kli? No? *lol*

Until next time.. Insya-Allah~
Have a good Friday!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sweetie shares!

Salam ladies..~

A brief intro for all. The following entry is sent by dear Sweetie who got engaged just after 6mths of dating her hubby and got married last December~~ Alhamdulillah, from planning to have A DAY's event (with her budget) she managed to pull off 4 events!! Eh salah- 5 events!!! within budget too!! *applause*

Anyhoots, here's Sweetie's experience~
Salam.. It's Sweetie ere.. firstly i want 2 thank u, ur blog hav helped me a lot in my wedding prep.. i got engaged last june'09 after dating wit my hubby just for 6 mths n got married last december.. its was a quick decision but both of us just wanna get married n be wit each other.. mcm sampai seru sudah n was ready 2 b d alam perkahwinan & rumahtangga ehehe

i only had less than 6 mths to do all d preparation.. so i always refer 2 ur blog everyday, mula2 kan mau sehari sja d wedding function (nikah + sanding) coz takut kan byk belanja but then dari ur blog i learned that i can actually hav a blast wedding n spend around d budget.. n finally i had 5 wedding functions i.e nikah, mlm bebedak, sanding, mlm ambil2an n mulih 7 hari.. nda semestinya kawin ane brg mahal2 kan.. coz u can get a cheap one wit gd quality.. kalau lurus tempat nya.. nda ja..?

Actually i wanna share story pasal my photog masa my wedding..

I booked a photog (lets just named it Photo A) through browsing all d photog blogs n site n compare2 d price n looking at d wedding pics taken by them n 1 of them caught my eyes coz gmbr2 nya lawa so i contacted d person, given a special price for 4 events n i book them.

Masa my pre wed photo shoot, Photo A took my pic n my pre wed pic lawa2 n sanang ati meliat coz nanti kalau kawin lawa tah ne gmbr2 ku ane (dlm ati lah tu ah). Then came 2 my nikah day.. i was ready sudah, siap make-up n nunggu rombongan laki2 sja lgi kan dtg. Ngam2 pukul 3 (baik jua balah laki2 alum dtg) baru th d photog dtg then came into my room n said kan ngambar. I was surprised 2 see that d person lain n ask drg dari mana is it dari Photo A, n they said bukan tpi drg kana suruh cover up for Photo A as Photo A ada shoot d tmpt lain. Since i was nervous sudah, so i dont mind lah asal kana gambar.

Di pendek kan cerita, for all d 4 events (nikah, mlm bebedak, sanding n mlm ambil2an - for mulih 7 hari bro took d pic) org lain yg menggambar n bukan this Photo A. So, after 2 weeks getting married, Photo A call me up gtau my DVD ready sudah n i can choose d pic 2 b developed for my wedding albums. Frustrated meliat d pic, nda seperti yg d sangka coz my nikah pic mostly nda bisai, nasib jua for d other event ok n lawa2.

Kan d jadi kan hal, sampai ane i havent got my wedding albums, i send my list of pic yg kan d develop masa awal bln Januari n Photo A said that mayb ujung bln januari or awal bln februari d albums wil b ready tapi sampai ane alum lagi ada.. i even email Photo A twice tapi nada reply n last 2 weeks i send Photo A msg n asking bout my wedding albums n he said he will check on it n get back 2 me nanti coz he has a very tight schedule.. I paid d 1st n 2nd deposit sudah n left wit a hundred plus balance lagi.. family n frens keep on asking us mana our wedding albums, so sasak2 pasal batah menungu d albums me n hubby develop sendiri d kadai n spend almost $200 on it. Atu pun tepaksa cuci size 3R coz byk kan d develop.. krg kana tanya mana gmbr kami or mana gmbr ku.. paksa jua d cuci byk kan..

I feel mcm kana betray or tipu coz Photo A didnt tell me that another person will cover up for him 2 take my wedding pic. Coz i expect if u book that photog they will not pass u 2 some photog yg baru2 kan belajar mengambar. Coz selalu nya if u book a photog then d photog himself yg menggambar n kalau ia already being booked, they will tell u that n recommend another photog.

Mana boleh cemani kan coz tane liat blog drg n tetarik rah gmbr2 yg drg ambil sendiri tau2 cemani drg buat rah pelanggan. I was also expecting my wedding pic 2 b uploaded in his site tapi since he was not d one yg took d pic then of course lah nada arah his site. So i hope d others yg kan kawin pilih photog yg bisai2 n bleh d trust.. n make sure that nda kana antar photog lain masa wedding event, tanya kan rah photog atu sendiri r they the one yg kan take d pic or someone else yg cover for them.

K this is all that i wanna share.. so my question for u.. r u preggy sudah?? ehehe k thank u for ur wonderful blog n wish u all best in ur life.. keep up all d effort n gd work in making ur blog an informative one.. cheers n salam..

Thanks babe for your kind words, Insya-Allah will try myself to keep this one up and running... with spin-offs even! *lol* But Oh dear me!!!! that's a bit careless of them don't you think? I'm abit shocked that he even send a representative instead of him coming by himself! Without informing you?? *hmph!* It's abit unfair to dear Sweetie and I believe ada jua happen to some others as well... who knows kan? So, to add my entry on PLANNING (additional infos) checklist for booking photographers:
  • availabilities
  • who will be doing the photoshoot / coming to photoshoot with them
  • what time will they come to ur place to start shooting
  • do they have time limits to cover our events?
  • how long will all the finished product be ready?
I must've forgotten to slip the checks into my entry, sorry Sweetie.. :( :( my bad jua~ Me and my hubby did ask our photogs all of the above. For now, my only advice to you is to follow-up frequently with Photo A. Perhaps they have reasons for the delay. So far from what i know, most photogs deliver their product maximum of 2-3mths after your final event. I hope by end of this month ada lh ah *Amin*

Thanks again to Sweetie for sharing this with us, slightly hotter than the spice but informative and Alhamdulillah, you're one of us now hehehe welcome to the club! ;) To answer your question, I am still praying and hoping for that time to come.. Allah has better plans for us all. :D :D

Until next time peeps! Enjoy your Friday and those yg bakal melansungkan perkahwinan this week... Mudahan everything berjalan dengan lancar *Amin*

Thursday, 1 April 2010

care to share?

Assalamualaikum all...

Opportunities for all wedded couples!!!!

Share your experience with all the readers regarding your wedding preps here at "My Wedding". Bare in mind, just your wedding preps...i.e where you book ur attire, kad jemputan..doorgifts etc... and some stories / experience you want to share with all.

I will give anonymity for all of yous (as a privilege).. meaning to say, if anyone wants to share pics.. it will just be the bajus, the cards.. etc.. the pelamin? And no, don't you worry I will still update this blog with my regular entries, just thought that I should add some spice to it. Dontcha think? So let's wait no more... email me at : ann.j1010@gmail.com

Hope to receive some feedbacks from you lots! And thank you for supporting me. :D Alhamdulillah, I still manage to continue with my updates until now and hopefully sampai bila2 *AMIN*
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