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Saturday, 3 July 2010

another theme... P _ _ _ H

Salam everyone....

First thing first, would love to congratulate my former housemate, Mr. E for finally becoming a husband to his beloved wife, Mrs. E yesterday. I'm sorry for not being able to attend your Nikah and Sanding this week. Won't be in the country this weekend and yesterday, ada urusan penting with the hubby at the bank. Seriously, all banks are busier than ever this week! It has been a while since I last went to any banks on payday week~ *lol* Somehow today reminded me my reasons for not doing so..~

Other than that, this week is the 'Eclipse' fever~ Me and hubby watched them last Thursday and I am somehow impressed with Taylor's acting this time around. *double thumbs up * I can't wait for the 4th and last movie~ It's gonna be exciting!

Hehehehe ok, nuff abt the movie let's get back with the main topic here.... I'm doing theme in this entry, and from the teaser.. I hope many of you got it right. Yes, it's P.E.A.C.H. The colour hubby specifically chose for our Raya theme this year... *smiles*

You may opt for a simple design for your invitation card, believe me..nowadays, the simpler it looks, the better!

or still something simple and not neglecting the Malays in us,
peach songket like invitation card

I like this room because it shows simplicity and the effects are mainly focused on the lighting. Macam, siang the room will look different and at night it'll look like this~ The room was originally painted cocoa brown with peach lighting effect..

Light peach pelamin

striking peach pelamin by Maszalina Boutique.. loving this!

peach and gold hantaran... from http://rose-nani.blogspot.com

oh my peachy Louboutin!!! simple but hey, it's Louboutin~

I took this pic somewhere, loving the attire for both but disliking the make-up *no offence to the ppl involved* The dastar, like I said, would look much much much better the way they do with His Majesty's. (hopefully he'll wear the traditional gear this 15th July, 2010)

loving the design for this dress and yes, the make up is more subtle. Eventhough the dress is not peach, but I think this will look glamourous with that colour! Indeed!

and last not the least, the peach bouquet... lawa-ness!
My apologies to all if sekiranya terlambat with updating my entries. It has been a hectic half year and hoing for things to slow down abit coming Ramadhan next month. Wishing everyone, the very best of luck with their preps and Insya-Allah will try and update as frequent as I can. Until next time...



Para isteri menjadi pakaian bagi suami dan suami menjadi pakaian bagi isteri
~ al- Baqarah 187 ~

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  1. hi dear,
    Appreciate some credit to my hantaran picture. thank you!


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