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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy 25th Jan!!

HAPPY 25th JAN sayang~ Hehe yeap, yeap, those were the very words hubby said to me the day before our engagement anniversary. Bengang semacam plang muka masa atu sekali bila ingat hehehehe *hugs* I was suppose to make an update on the day of my engagement anniversary.. but due to my bz-ness at work, I can't really get it completed but here's how it supppose to go...

Exactly this date last year, I was engaged with my hubby. The engagement ceremony was ala kadar saja.. as we Malays called it. Basically on my part, the preparation was a minimum. Like I've said last year, not even a shade of make-up on! :D Alhamdulillah, everything went well. And lucky for the hubby... Pa & Ma didn't request for Langkah Sungai (used to be part of the permintaan for my sisters.. tpi for me exceptional hehe.. Alhamdulillah~)

Reading this blog to when I first started makes me smile. Oh how I miss the hectic-ness of wedding preparations.. in fact, I quite enjoyed it! All preps and such has taught me the valueable thing of time management and project management. It was afterall the project of my life kan? And somehow, I've also began to implement them with work. Hahaha. Yes, I never thought that I can be 'all work and no play' kind of lady.. but it's all good. :) I believe I've never put up the picture below before.. itulah dia kasut turun temurun yang dipakai for last 5 weddings in our family. It's a suede black 2.5" heel, swarovski crystals with embroidered gold thread highlight.. nasib baik muat~ hehe

To celebrate the anniversary, me and hubby planned to go for a movie this weekend, hopefully, Insya-Allah. Last movie we went was Sherlock Holmes and I fell asleep halfway through the movie *lol* Hubby gave it 8/10 and I can't believe I fell asleep... now I just have to get the DVD and watch it all over at home.. haiya~

Ok, I was slightly diverted away from the wedding stories there..*oppsie*

I've added a few links on this site for the help of others who'd love to make their invitation cards online and overseas. If you happen to be there,i.e. in that country, then that's fine..so long as there's no misunderstanding. That's all I can say~ *sigh* But anyways, got some good reviews for the following sites so I think should be no problem kan? :D :D Apa2 ani mesti confident! And mesti ikut instinct, I admit my mistake last time was the fact that I didn't go according to my ori plan. Dugaan Allah... anything bersabar saja k? As for local printing company... 1 saja yg I know the website, the rest nda tedpt.. have to go to the shop lagi~ So please, other printing companies... do create a web for us busy ladies to look through ?? Please, please, pleaaaasseeee~

Ok.. I ran out of things to blab... nanti th lagi ah~ Insya-Allah..

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Salam all,

It's 2 weeks past new year. And next week, i.e 25th January, is my engagement anniversary!!! *yay*yay*yay*!!! It's good to remember these dates.. banyak kan dicelebrate. Hehe more reasons to eat at our 'dating' eateries to rekindle those moments. Hehehe. A healthy relationship, Alhamdulillah~

Been doing some financial planning for this year and next year. Insya-Allah, mesti work really hard to meet the target... this'll be THE honeymoon~ I've got a few exotic places in mind sudah ;) But we need to kumpul2 our cuti dlu, do research on the places to go i.e accomodation, transportation, the best time to go to the place, the flights and many more. Yeap, planning ahead indeed! *lol*

The weather's been unfriendly since yesterday, it's cooooollllllddddd! I'm simply taking a short break from doing work and had a thought of changing the layout of my blog *again* yes, but then thinking that I just changed the layout few months back (blog's anniversary) .. decided not to. Let it be as it is.. :D

But for those of you who wanted to have something different for your wedding this season..... behold some different styles to go for your wedding, both hair and tudongs!!

I always wanted to go for this look tpi muka I tak sesuaaaii~ :S

love, love, looove the make up and accessories~ siapa yg muka ala2 Arab lawa ni..

something simpler.. bleh jua buat fesyen ani untuk Badak2 Mandi? No?

for receptions or muleh 7?

love the head scarf design and baju as well.. but it's too heavy for me, I'm sure some of you agrees

curly updos

more of those curly updos! I've tried this one but it doesn't suit me at all! *lol* hubby ofcourse being nice says "Lawa jua tu..." hehe love u hubs!

this one's a simpler one.. I think I wanna do the hairdo on the 2nd pic nanti, sja2 for fun! *lol*
(note to self : for the hubby's view only)

this one's cute for little flowergirls.. the do speaks for itself!

oh and this one is just sooo lovely!!!!

*Phew* I could go on and on with the hairdo pics but I'm saving up for my others posts and I wanted to share a story about a bride who was really worried about her wedding (well- she's a friend of mine lah..let's call her Elly) Anyways, attended Elly's wedding last year and she was looking ever so gorgeous! Everything yg diuri2kannya ani ndada bah! Like the dull baju and mismatch accessories??? chaotic combination colours of her bedroom and deco? And pelamin... semua takder babe~ Like I said in the first paragraph of this entry (HERE) It is normal and if you manage to have all the stress feeling, thank God!! To all remember this well, parents are only criticising because they are panicking as well. They panicked pasal they're not sure whether things will go alright. We can only plan and pray..Insya-Allah, occasion yang baik2 ani jarang kan go wrong.

Until the next post... xoxo (oh that reminds me, need to get myself updated with Gossip Girl!)
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