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Monday, 27 September 2010


Salam everyone,

I'm not so sure as to when to continue my wedding posts. I have tons of articles and tips to share with all!! (aside from my random updates about my current well-being that is~) I was thinking of posting this on the 2nd week of Syawal.. but then again, it's been bz here and there.. everyone gets the drill I bet? :D

Thought I'll start my weddings entries with "Theme". Something for 2011 couples I guess, cos if kan buat for this year would be too rushing kan? Hehehe~

So here's a sample of invitation card specially designed in gray with white inserts and black writings. Some people love to have their invites tied with ribbons, so why not make something different like this one?

a sample of grey hantaran

I am soo sooo soooooo in love with this dress. It's simple but will definitely be an eye catcher. I love a simple monotone beading works, hence my wedding dress last time. But this one is definitely.... *wow*

a little bit simpler but indefinitely elegant! this is where your tudongs, tiaras and/or even bouquet can actually standout!

a little closer to the typical ones we see here in Brunei...

a grey-silver heels that is to die for! (simple, elegant and hawt!)

door gifts packs, can simmpan sweets / mints in them~

the nyummyness of a monotone cake... nyum2~
grey - purple pelamin.. ethnic touch and plays more on the lighting concept. I *heart* the stand lamps hehehe

the lovely grey bedroom.. and who dare says grey paint for a room is dull?
This will be my NEXT project on someone's room~ *nyeh2*
a little more subtle but still is comfy!

I find it hard to wrap up this entry... took me 1 breakfast meal and a chitchat session with the in-laws to actually have a simple idea on how to do this. Hahahaha well, at least I'm saying something?? Nda jua gantung2 right??? Hehehe to the future bride&groom~~ Remember, the less you spend the better. :D Until the next time.. insya-Allah~

Friday, 24 September 2010

fairy tale indeed!!

Salam all...

Found this video on YouTube. A very, very, very expensive wedding but nonetheless, a memorable one. But seriously speaking, I like how the video is recorded. I'm sure this took at least 5 cameramen?? At LEAST tu ah~ Me and Mr.A thought this was Taylor Swift's videoclip of "Today Was A Fairy Tale" !! Fairy tale wedding indeed...

The way the whole wedding settings were made, the decorations, the... haih, macam2 lagi lah. I fell in love with the dais (pelamin) too... could there be a possibility of those kinds coming to Brunei?? Prolly in the next 2-3 years time, i.e when I actually have my own wedding business *Amin* and by that time, will bring in more and more designs! Insya-Allah~

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think? :D :D

A production of Manggis.TV,
The wedding of a daughter to the coordinator of NAZA Group of Companies

A brief details on their business scope :

Naza Group of Companies, Malaysia’s largest and prestigious importer of luxury automobiles was originally founded in 1975. As the main importer and distributor of automotive brands such as Ferrari, Peugeot and Brabus but to name a few, Naza has all but grown into one of today’s leading conglomerates in Malaysia. Latching on the success of its automobile business, it has since diversified into a variety of prominent industries which includes property development, motorbikes, hospitality, food & beverages, finance & insurance, manufacturing, research & creative solutions, transportation & logistics and agriculture.
For more info, www.naza.com.my

Until the next entry~ xoxo

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Salam all...

Welcome to the 'new' layout. I thought of having a wedding entry but then again, we're just in the 2 weeks of Syawal and I haven't been talking much about myself for awhile! I was doing some research for a design work which me and my colleague had to do... sekali I ended up changing my blog background instead! *lol*

This background is supposed to be put on in October. With the blog coming to its 2nd year anniversary :D but looking at my schedule.. October's gonna be pretty hectic. So I decided to put it on sooner. :)

To answer wedding talks:

dais : tudong putih *yg automatic slip in with all crystals atu can be found anywhere @ boutiques or even, small2 booths yang di Mall / Hua Ho / Q-Lap... Plaza Athirah :D Best of luck!

Reena : Most of my friends I know ordered them straight from the products site. :D Kira bought originally from the company lah. A long process but satisfaction guaranteed!

guest : what I did was ikut exactly the no. of invitations sent + 150 for family (600 sanding = 750 guests, 300 berbedak = 450 guests, 150 nikah = 300 guests + 50 rombongan lelaki) . Some kira 3/4 of their invitation saja attend with spouses.

^_^ : You go for Syazlie, Naaqiyah, Suzy Niekman and Flawless&Shimmer (all in my list :D) oh yes, and K Pang.

Hehehehhe right, back to my update sikit..

My Eid celebration has been very slow aside from attending a few houses. Apologies to some of my friends, whose openhouses I did not attend. Most of them are on weekdays and I'm working soooo... jangan jara ah~ (those yang tau where I work will understand why I'm unable to attend) Had a family gathering over at my sis' last weekend and we all had fun. With new borns (my cousins') around, meriah suasana hehehehe and I just loooooveee cuddling them! Sampai ada my aunt thought yang the little one I was holding atu, mine... *lol* Ada usul sudah jadi Mummy kh Bu? We're still praying for that time to come... Insya-Allah~ Makes me sad jua sikit cause exactly the date last year... was the incident. Had it not happened, we'll be bringing a 4 months old child around Raya-ing here and there.. :D :D *sigh* Insya-Allah.. one day we will. Prayers be with all *Amin*

Anyhoots, I'll be putting on wedding themes on the next entry. So much infos gathered yet I have not managed to put them all together. How did I do this last time??? Hehehe timme to get back to business!!!

Until then... xoxo~

Friday, 10 September 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

To all my valued readers, we would like to take this ooportunity to say
Forgive us if this blog may have confused some people, better yet.. forgive ME if I have said anything that may have bad mouthed some people involved. Nevertheless, secrecy and confidentiality towards the stories shared with all still remains.

To my gals of bride2be chat :

Dk25 - babe, mana lama menghilang ni?? busy countdown kah tu... hope to hear from you
YE20 - have you started??
Miss83 - ada kuih nyummy2 kh? hehehehe
MummyG228 - you'll be the first amongst us to be a mother. I congratulate you in advance and hopefully nanti as we all say, 'murah beranak' *Amin*
Na21 - where have you been?? and how are things??
Dinda - I know you jrg chat but you have been an active person to response to others @ Wedding Talks.. with that, I thank you :D :D Best of luck with your upcoming wedding!!

And to all,
Enjoy your Raya celebration but don't forget to stay healthy and be safe.

Until the next entry *insya-Allah*
Minal Aidil Walfaidzin...

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