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Monday, 23 February 2009

Kedewasaan Bernegara


My friends decided to go out and celebrate National Day today... apalagi, if not delishing ourselves with AMBUYAT!! nYAmaaaannn...~ Almost all were present that day, and most importantly I was with dear fiancé... :) :)

Have a feeling my friends knew that I am already engaged as I only tell a few kan.. the rest still blank ni about this.. hehehe but still I malas kan ceta. When asked baru tah ;) ;) Few more days till my holiday and off I go to Kuala Lumpurrr~~~

Will upd8 stories about the trip nanti. Either from KL or... after I got back from the place.
I'm so exciteeeeedddd~~~~

Friday, 20 February 2009

... a little upd8


Few more days till my holiday and I'm psyched! Tho I wished my travelling partner is flying with me jua at least ada dgn melating~ :) This will be my 1st tym travelling with both sis after so so soooo many years!! Flight ticket has been arranged by dearest me, accomodation and transportation arranged by dearest #2 and dearest #1 will be ummm.. just tagging along cos she needs to get some shopping for her 'side business' ..

:D :D :D

I miss travelling.... this upcoming trip would be different, it'll be a strictly business trip. Mesti dpt semua barang2 yg d perlukan... and yeh, the invitation card. My draft's been finalised and dad is happy about it. I had to get Visio Professional installed into my lappy to get our map done. A very good programme indeed! Had mine n dear fiancé punya map done with the programme.. *winks* We wanted our ones to be simple, readable but yet still looks nice. Cemana kh ni krg usulnya bilanya dah bebuat..?? Hehe excited eh bila membuat dlm jemputan atu nama us both ..*iskiness*

I'm like... waaahhh~ we're really getting married ni! *wow* basically, senyum2 kambing lh tym drafting the card atu.. *lol*

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Make-Up & Caterer

MAKE-UP and CATERER confirmed!!!
Nuff said! ;)

Friday, 13 February 2009

The room...

Salam all and Heeelllooo~~

Apanah?!! The wedding rings.. confirm dh!! We asked them to keep hold of it until a week b4 our wedding. For safe keeping :) Tak berani lah nak simpan, not before the wedding.. tau th jua lgi girls like me. Inda tahan tu..gernti kan 'testing' pakai saja *lol* Lain lgi yg gatal tangan tu... Na'uzubillah~

I had a thought of building in a customized wardrobe for my room few days back, that's why today on our way to Bandar, yes..dear fiancé picked me up 2day~ we stopped by at Zalin Woods @ Home Centre Kg. Bunut, to see how much they can quote for a built-in wardrobe. Ganya soalnya lagi..to buy a bed, only a bed, yg d sukai ani not that cheap jua... Must have a Plan B for my room makeover ni. Dear mum has been suggesting to put laminated flooring for my room, need to consider the price of carpeting and laminating the floor. Haih~ They say if laminate floor, nanti2 when with kids.. durg tegugur kah apa nda sakit.. BUT nda licin kah tu?? soalan lgi tu kan.. I too am prone to getting myself hurt tu.. so, I guess carpeting th sja.. both of my sis buat catu..ok jua :) :)

I have two concepts for my room. Either this one.....

modern with a built in sliding cabinet~


without the posts lah ah...

or something like the above... :) should be fine right? As long as it's within the specified budget ;) and when ada new bedset nanti baru th bleh think of painting / wallpapering the room... and then curtains n bedsheets + duvet (ani buy saja ni.. curtains yeah need to get that one done jua... 2 months before the wedding should b alright kli eh? But wait.. the wedding atu dkt dgn bulan Puasa.. ok kh tu ah, I'll try and have a go nanti ..AFTER K.L trip!!!

Kuala Lumpur here I come...

Friday, 6 February 2009


First of all, HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY to dearest Daddy.. Mudah-mudahan dikurniakan tubuh badan yang sihat hingga ke akhir hayat *Amin*
We love you Dad!!

Today, i decided to go out and make bookings for accessories and pelamins. We have decided on where to rent them out. *yippee* The earlier the better...photogs lg brabis awal orang membooking, apath lgi pelaminan ani.. (based on my theory plang ni)

So yeah, got my pelamin for nikah, berbedak, bersanding and basuh kaki. *phew* Batah jua kami d kadai atu tadi..~ I have yet to confirm the colours for dais deco :) :) Need to look up on more wedding magazines!!

We too went to get some consultation for customised wedding bands. One shop is pricey than the other so we went for the cheaper one. Within the allowable budget. Alhamdulillah~ But we still need to think it over... at least 1 week lah ah.. guess, if nada halangan, next week will drop by to the jewellery shop lgi. *smiles*
Oh yes, to be fair with dear fiancé, I made sure I chose my ring which cost equal enough with his. At least adil kan?~ It's fun to actually be out with him doing all this. Shows me how really really committed we are toward this marriage thingy. No play, play ah this one!

Pa & Ma pun happy kan the fact that we got everything sorted out sudah.. slow and steady~


My sisters and I will be going to KL end of this month, we're flying via Miri using MAS Airlines. hehe ticket murah bah haritu tat's why we bought it. Thinking of mbuat my Invitation card d sna.. hopefully...insya-Allah~ As for now, drafting sja dalam words. Making sure nada salah ejaan n such. I've been pushing my fiancé to get his done as well. In fact borang utk Nikah pun malar I ingati tu! Kesian eh kna pressure... sorry my cinta~

Lagi awal lagi bagus right?

I haven't seen how the form looks like, will give you lots some pointers nanti once i got it ;)

Yours Truly

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Bling-blings *schwing*

When talking about getting married, the first thing that came across our minds would most definitely be wedding rings or band (whichever you all may prefer) ... well, ofcourse engagement rings lah jua to start with.

When me n dear fiancé went out scouting for the engagement ring last time, we dropped by to several shops of which we thought may give us good offer for wedding rings as well. We went to:
  1. J.L Jewellery @ Yayasan
  2. Mexx Diamonds @ Plaza Athirah
  3. This other shop..p inda ingat the place (nanti upd8) @ Plaza Athirah
  4. Kedai Emas Juta @ Gadong
  5. Twinkles Jewellery @ Qlap
  6. OKKY Goldsmiths @ Qlap
We also Googled some images online to get some ideas on custom design rings ;) (must be well suited with the budget jua lah ah~)

Nice right??

Some might opt to go shopping abroad for these... even better, that is ofcourse sekiranya budget mengizinkan ;)

We actually have to set a separate budget for this one. Inda bleh di kacau ni... Personally, we would want our wedding rings to be simple yet elegant... tpi mesti matching. Just like the ones above lh, but there's still one thing I need to be sure of. Muslim Men can only wear what metal element ah..? (checking periodic table) haha teringat plang class Chemistry back in the high school years *lol* I know they can't wear gold... which means any rings made of tiny % of gold element sudah out tu, incl. white gold and suasa. So that leaves us with silver AND Platinum... dua ani th saja dorg bleh pakai... hmm~ will look into the matter krg...

Monday, 2 February 2009


I have received some feedbacks from the Photogs I emailed. Most aren't available fully for the series of wedding events except one. But he has to confirm with me lagi :) :) So I hope he could lah.. else payah lgi mencari orang ni... *sigh* Next entry... I'll talk about blings!!

catch with me soon...!!
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