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Saturday, 28 March 2009

...uhh maaaa!!

Salam ppl.. yes, yes.. I knooooww~ it's been awhile... quite busy with work and all~
I finally had my baju sanding measured the other day, turns out kurang labih my fashion atu dgn the owner's daughter punya baju kawin.. the diff would be .. mine NO LACE!!! Yes, I rather not spoil the beauty of songket. But having a sneak peek to their designs, awu bah... dorg bh dulu pakai tu!!! Kami lama lgi.. but the design has been thought since early this year dah.. mudahan th nda ramai d buatnya cematu.. mun nda kan sama jua tu.. nda???

Updates on invitation cards!!!! Yeay.. this week sepatutnya happy tpi ntah kpisan jua rasanya lah ah..

My sis just got back from K.L of which she told me that my invitation card is 'unreadable' I was surprised cos as I could remember, semua ber'hotstamp' so what could go wrong?! Couldn't really concentrate at work due to this... My IN tray's been quiet jua so... *sigh* Ok will most definitely dropby to sis's place later.. kn meliat jua kan....


After the visit....

I went over to sis's place this evening... and 'Uuhhhh Maaa!!!' yap, there goes my Tutong phrase.. banar eh, totally unreadable!!! I was really, really, reaaaaally frustrated cos this means I had to get the person incharge of my invitation card atu to do it all over again. Padan tah murah.. rupanya she charged us harga hotstamping untuk cover saja.. d dalam totally unreadable!!!! Nanti th I post up the pix... I'm totally out of words bh tdi ah.. straight away text dear fiancé "OH MY GOD!!" And he immediately understood me.. *love u* Sakit wah kepala lehnya....!!~


.... so I said to myself, this is just another dugaan... nda bleh panic, I still hav 4 mths to go.. look at the bright side, ke K.L th lgi ni sulnya hehehehe sapa baik ku bawa ah? I have to reconfirm with the lady-in-charge for my cards ..kn betanyakan quotationnya brapa if for mengubah cos clearly underpaid jua tu last time atu... I'm pretty disappointed tpi yalah... sabar sja tia... andang macam2 ni dugaannya...


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Borang Nikah

Ok, THIS is the MOST important part for a wedding ceremony. Without registering yourselves to Marriage Court untuk kebenaran Kahwin, nothing is possible. Upon getting the form for both, my pointers would be get as much info as you require from the person incharge, i.e. what's the next step, after borang ani do we need to fill up another one... etc, etc, etc.. what do we need to attach with the submission of the forms.

For Brides,
  1. Birth Certificates, both Bride & Groom
  2. Photocopies of I/C, for both
  3. Solemnized Certificate (Sijil Nikah, bride's parent)
  4. Declaration Letter from Ketua Kg.
..... BUT if the Groom happened to be NOT from the same district, hence they'd have to wait for the groom's declaration letter from the district he registered and then they can process the bride's application. fyi, saksi mesti 2 orang tu ah~

My aunt has been very helpful jua cos her son's getting married soon (May) .. so she's gotten me the form for kursus nikah. I honestly thought that I just need to fill in the form but nooooooooo.... before submission, I need to haaaave
  • I/C copies for both (bride& groom)
  • Registration Payment receipt from both
I was like.. adeehhh, macam2 jua dimaunya~ It almost get into my nerve but then again, it's for our sake jua. Payah jua mun us ladies register ourselves but if the guys don't.. krg betepuk sebelah tgn? Inda ja?? So yea, apa2 need to have referrals from both sides. Nuff said. And surfing through Google, I came across with this... I was talking to my niece the other day, there's this subject Ugama where we get to learn about Nikah Kahwin ani... Munakahat is it? Yea.. it's Munakahat. I remember the tiny bit from the subject pasal rukun nikah. Just to refresh my memory, I did some surfing (kes malas kn k rumah my sis lh ni)

1. Pengantin lelaki
Pengantin lelaki mestilah seorang Islam, baligh, berakal, tidak berada dalam ihram atau umrah, tidak dipaksa kahwin, tidak beristeri lebih dari 4 orang, lelaki yang tertentu dan perempuan yang ingin dikahwininya itu bukanlah mahramnya.

2. Pengantin perempuan
Pengantin perempuan mestilah seorang Islam, tidak berada dalam ihram haji atau umrah, bukan isteri kepada seseorang, tidak berada dalam iddah dan perempuan yang tertentu.

3. Akad (Ijab & Qabul)
Di antara syarat-syarat akad ialah lafaz yang digunakan mestilah lafaz khas yang membawa maksud nikah atau kahwin serta tidak diselangi dengan perkataan yang lain dari maksud nikah atau kahwin di antara ijab dan qabul. Tidak boleh diselangi dengan diam yang lama antara lafaz ijab dan qabul. Hendaklah bersamaan maksud antara lafaz ijab dan qabul. Lafaz ijab dan qabul tidak dikaitkan dengan sesuatu perkara serta tidak dibenarkan had atau tempoh masa bagi perkahwinan itu.

4. Wali
Syarat bagi wali ialah mestilah seorang Islam, baligh, berakal, merdeka bukan seorang hamba, seorang lelaki yang adil, tidak dipaksa, tidak berada dalam ihram haji atau umrah dan bukan seorang lelaki yang fasik.

5. Dua orang saksi
Syarat-syarat bagi saksi ialah mestilah beragama Islam, baligh, berakal, merdeka bukan seorang hamba, dapat mendengar dan melihat dengan baik, tidak pelupa atau nyanyuk, memahami bahasa yang digunakan semasa lafaz ijab dan qabul dan tidak terkena atasnya menjadi wali.
At least we have some pointers.. owhkkk... now I'm nervous! hahahaha lama lagi!

Friday, 6 March 2009

baju, baju and... baju

I can't believe I was sick the past few days!!! My holiday down the drain bh tu.. nonetheless, Alhamdulillah~ Now I only have the weekend to spare.... ah well, enjoy it while it last ;) Not much update for this week I guess....

Me and dear fiancé decided to send over our baju nikah and Mulih 7 to my tailor's boutique. Apa juanya menyuruh dorg menjahit except ofcourse dear fiancé's attire. Ada lain ckit so.. yah! :) :) We have some sort of agreement in terms of payment for the baju.. hehehe kinda like, I paid for the materials, he'll pay for sumthing else lah of the same amount ;) We have yet to do measuring for our baju Sanding.. au bah.. lama sudah inda drop by to 'that' boutique, takut plang ya offer that baju to some other couple.. jaga yaaaa!! So far, after the endless surveying other bouttiques.. none yang ada that kain.... *wishful thinking* It's nothing fancy, simple aja!

Nanti th when me and dear fiancé have time to spare, we go measure2 for the baju... I'm definitely confident that i won't gain nor lose any weight lgi ni.. maintain saja! ;) insya-Allah...~~

d design would be ala2 Ashraf and Bunga's wedding attire lah... :) :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Day 1: Departure

Flight from Miri was rather pleasing, though we had a little issue on 'food' bleh lagi durang salah bagi. We wanted Ayam masak Merah and they gave us fish fillet with tomato sauce. Soooo not right!

Upon arrival at KLIA, we were picked up by our transportation and off we went to our hotel, Quality Hotel, which is off Jln Masjid India. The journey was rather ... umm slow~ sal the driver drove like 70km/h and we're hungry! Well, my sister was.. cos she didn't eat during the flight due to the technical error mentioned earlier.

Sampai hotel, check-in then trus we go out to have a late dinner and we had sate!! Had we arrived sooner, sempat kami negotiate on kad jemputan awal atu.. ani tutup tia kadainya~ *shucks*

Day 2: Unleashing the Shopaholic in me.

a.m. - Jln Masjid India

Manage to borong macam2 jenis tudong 'Ekin'. It's practically everywhere!!! My sis were spending their $ like nothing, as for me.. tahan saja cos I'm only in KL for a mission and selasai semua atu then I can peacefully go out shopping for myself. :)

Alhamdulillah~ I managed to get a Pengantin package for Baju Beaded lace and Satin.. they were on offer so I just can't resist not buying them!! Plus, it's nice for Mulih 7 Hari :) :) I too bought a white beaded lace & satin for Nikah attire nanti. It's rather simple looking and I only intend to make baju kurung fesyen out of it (at least bleh pakai for Jemputan to Istana kan?) Being financially intelligent there.. hehehehe I'm sure my tailor will be as excited as I am... lawa kainnya~ and my sister helped me out to chose the lace for pakaian Mulih 7. I hope Sayang agreed... *Amin*

p.m. - Sri Hartamas

At Sri Hartamas, that would be my sisters' agendas. We spent almost 3 hours at this one shop and God knows brapa kg kh ni nanti excess kami.. mudahan inda banyak lah ah~ Then we went to 1-Utama for dinner at my #2 all time fav restaurant, Johnny's, for steamboat.. auuu kanyang jua nyenta!!! She bought her self a new camera *inda ingat which model* and there too, I bought several items for hantaran nanti.. namanya jua on offer, can't resist!!

Balik semula ke hotel around 10p.m like so... need to pack barang A.S.A.P. !!

Day 3 : KLCC

a.m. - Jln Masjid India

Bought more 2dongs and was in search of a big complex yang banyak bejual bunga2 talor and hantaran decos.. and OH MY GOD!!! How I wish d Brunei ada... like the famous qoute from ASTRO,
Macam2 Ada~~ If any of you intend to go shopping in K.L, better go to Semua House! Best!

We also went scavenging for outlets for printing invitation cards and Alhamdulillah... we found a place. It was actually the first place yg kami aga jua.. after long discussion, we paid our deposit and tawakkal, mudahan saja the card turned out alright. Insya-Allah~ *Amin*

p.m. - Shah Alam and KLCC

Went to Shah alam for a little bit more shopping (my sisters) and then KLCC. Should've gone to Marks and Spencer, prolly belurih some PJs there.. buleh jua utk hantaran tu kan? decent ones lh. My visit to la Senza was disappointing. Nada belurih! Thanks to dear fiancé who's non-stopping reminding me to buy more stuffs for our hantaran. Alhamdulillah~ I found them jua... within our budget with great offer.. niiiiceeeeee~~ We had our dinner @ Madam Kwan's KLCC, the Kuey Tiao, an absolute nyumminess!! Pakal sja I'm full that time, else I could've clean out the plate! *lol*

Since semua sudah get what they want, we retired early back to the hoteel just cos we need to do a lot of packing. Our transport will be picking us up at 6a.m the following day so yeah~

Last Day : BURGER KING!!!!

*lol* yes, yes.. we had Burger King for breakfast and we end up being the last ppl to board the flight... sikit lgi termiss flight tu ah?

Sampai Miri, bro-in-law picked us up, sent me back to Tutong.. Petang guess what?? Jalan sama.... yes, you guessed it right!!

......Dear fiancé.....

P/S : No pix attached in this entry.. spoil tia krg my brg2 and bjus :P~

Monday, 2 March 2009


I'm back and I'm soooo excited to share my stories of K.L with the rest of yous...

only tourists walk down the arcade of Jln Masjid India / Jln TAR this early *lol*
belum buka bh kadai ah~

more stories coming up...

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