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Thursday, 24 June 2010

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NEW entry coming up... :D


Love is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end...
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Sunday, 13 June 2010

something, something

Salam all...

Things just got busier than ever but Alhamdulillah, today I managed to post up an entry. Attended a wedding of my Uni friends last Sunday and when meeting up with some of our friends ofcourse the typical question asked to the singles popped up "Bah, ko bila lagi?" Some gave surprise answers, some asked for an apology for not telling that they've gotten themselves engaged. Macam.. aiiiii~

The script either went like "Insya-Allah, tunggu saja kad jemputannya nanti..soon" (means it's sometime this year) or "Next year lah belum tau date..." or "Ujung tahun tapi balum tau tahunnya lagi ..." *lol* or my cousins' famous quote back during my single years when asked by the elders "kita do'akan ku bejumpa jodoh yang baik2"

So weddings, weddings, weddings soon~ Can't wait! This year has been very slow when it comes to weddings from my closest and dearest. But proposals and little juniors are popping up like mushrooms.. some you don't expect, some well.. IT's about TIME!!!!! My relatives have been asking me "Mengapa tia belum lagi ada penggantinya ani? Have you not tried??? " If anyone read one of my previous stories.. you'll know~ I just simply answered, 'We can only try and plan but Allah knows best, Insya-Allah.. ada tu nanti, pray for the best~' In the mean time, I'm happy that my cousins and sisters are all baking the bun in their ovens.. hehehehe more stories on that in the next entry.

Alright then, as requested hantaran! It's not a must, and guess what, I've seen yg bagi 5 dulang saja. Sikit but worth it! My list can be checked in my entry HERE but here's how I come up with my list, think of ....
  1. something your other half don't have in his possession
  2. something he/she will be able to use frequently
  3. something that you and your other half would like to have in pairs / common with
  4. something you've been longing to give to your hubby-to-be
  5. something he loves
  6. something sweet
That's what my dearest aunty told me, so yeah.. we wrote everything down and I mean, everything!!! For Him and For Her (well this one based on what my cousin gave to his wife lah last time) to give some of you a little idea~

  • Al-Quran, sejadah, tasbih & topi
  • Wedding Ring
  • Wallet & Belt set
  • Watch
  • Kasut
  • Perfumes
  • Hygiene & Facial Set
  • Work Shirts
  • Casual Shirts
  • Baju Melayus + Songkok
  • Sports (inclusive of jerseys and football boots)
  • electronic gadgets (which i cancelled out cos I decided to give this one for his birthday hehe)
  • towel set
  • working and formal shoes
  • something cooked by myself (especially hubby fav)
  • cake
  • cupcakes
  • homemade wajid / kelupis
  • cookies
  • other delicacies
  • Telekong, Al-Quran, Sejadah
  • Watch and Ring
  • Kains (tailor made or jst kain)
  • Tudongs
  • Handbags
  • Sandals and Shoes
  • Perfume sets and toiletries
  • towels
  • sports gear
  • electronics
  • flower bouquet
  • jewellery set
  • facial and makeup sets
  • baking/cooking utensils
  • sewing kit
... and lots more possible things anyone can think of but instead, I just narrowed it down to our essentials. In fact, we pretty much satisfied with what we give to each other~ leaving all the other things to be bought in other appropriate occasions... :) Like I said before in one of my previous post, me and hubby love to celebrate our important days. :)

Right about now, dearest hubby is overseas attending his 3 weeks course ( 2 more weeks till he's back here..) *sigh* Can't say much... but we'll be having our 3rd holiday escapade sometime soon.. *iskiness* Something to look forward to...

Until my next entry peeps~
Enjoy your weekend!!


Rasulullah SAW dalam hadisnya bermaksud, "Wanita yang paling banyak mendapat kurnia ialah wanita yang murah mas kahwinnya, yang senang nikahnya dan baik budi pekertinya. Dan wanita yang jahat ialah wanita yang mahal mas kahwinnya, payah nikahnya dan yang buruk budi pekertinya..
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