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Monday, 26 January 2009


Wishing every Chinese Community in Brunei and the rest of the World,

Dapat masih angpau kh bila betunang ani?? Hehehe

Anyways, went out with dear
fiancé 2day... and yes, you guessed it.. k boutique lh 'booking kain' and discuss design with the designer. I know nowadays some ladies ada yg prefer to fuse songket w/ chiffon / lace.. my case, I specifically cakap to the designer.. PURELY SONGKET! I'm positive that it'll look nice on me :) :) We thought he'd wanna take our measurements today jua, sekalinya he advice us to come dlm 3-4 mths lgi before the wedding, unless confident nda naik / turun lgi berat bdn hehehe soooo... we just simply booked the songket lah.. cos d kadai lain nada that specific colour n jenis songket yg we want~ :) :)

My part lgi tu nanti ada Majlis Berbedak & Mulih 7 Hari. Thinking of renting another bju tpi yg for the 2 events.. savings sikit, sewa 1 bju sja! Will have to decide on colour for Jongsarat then bleh choose which songket to use. I wanna wear pakaian Brunei for Majlis Berbedak.. so renting out the Traditional Brunei accessories is also in the list! ;) ;)

Would wanna dress up jdi Princess Amidala from Star Wars *lol* Brunei Style!!! I can imagine myself dressing up in 1 nanti..!!! *gulik2* owh, which reminds me.. need to get make-up artists for the 4 events ni nanti.. Biar mummy call her friend lh.. mnatau ya belaku?? (ambil jln mudah kn me ah~)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Day, Part Deux

Alhamdulillah~ the function went well... The electric power was back on just before all the guest arrive.
Ngalih jua ke sana kemari memasang aircon.. muka ayu pun merah2 nda payah pakai blusher!!! *lol* Malu jua saya tdi tym kna suruh masuk k living room for menyarungi cincin ah~.
All eyes were on me. OMG!!

But none the less, wlupun ada technical prob sikit tdi... Alhamdulillah, as of now, I am officially someone's
fiancé ... Sayang, we're engaged!!!

'Tunangan orang dah laaaaiiiii~'

"Operation Kahwin" has commenced.

The first thing we'll be doing tomorrow would be.. to go to our selected boutique and buat bju utk bersanding. We're actually renting out the baju from that boutique, just that with an extra B$100.00 we get to make a new n customised one for us, kira kami yg premier pakai lh~ Ok jua tu?? No??

At least, satisfaction guaranteed kaaaannnn!!

Until tomorrow...
Yours Truly

The Day, Part Un

It's TODAY!!! And I'm reaaally nervous.. Astah!! baru jua kn betunang alum lgi menikah n bersanding *dub*dub*dub*dub*

It'll be my first tyme meeting all boyfie's *ahem* future fiancé's aunts. Cemana rasanya tu ah? Do i really need to sit in the middle of the living room or shall I just stay in my room? Haiyaaaaaaa~ But dad says I need get into the living room later.. arah ladies lah that is~ My friends are coming ni later..yes, secara tidak lansung dorang ani my amateur photogs lh! Hehehehe jangan marah babes! I love u gals to bits!!

Still deciding on which baju to where.. the stripes one or the black one... If i were to wear the black one mcm nda meriah jua usulnya ah? Hehehe stripes th tu eh! Oh shucks!!! Power down!!!!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! This is not happening!!! Hopefully it'll recover soon else nda beterikah tudong ni eh... hrmm~ so much for lambat deciding on which bju to wear!


Dugaan ni... we can go through this! Fighting!!! <-- too much Korean series *lol* Time to set the panic button ON... MAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mudah-mudahan awal buka karan later *Amin*

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The Engagement day is coming up pretty soon. So, I had a meeting with one of the noted Brunei photog (ani utk wedding plang ni, for the engagement photog amateur saja heheeheh thought of some talented friends but naaaaahhh~~~). Erm, erm… had I some extra income I would definitely hire them. Lawa waaahhhh…!!! I want!! But :(

So I guess it’s photog hunting lgi… manage to find a few, every now and then I will update the links for my friends to refer nanti come their turn. ;) I have a few photogs in mind like PauseByBald, Ed Noorislam, Hitam Puteh, UcingItam, candidsyndrome tpi hehehe still malas to contact them, should or shouldn’t I ah? I guess there’s no harm in email-ing them and see what package they can offer… the quest begins! Start my e-mail by typing this ….


I have seen your work with some of the wedding photos and is interested on hiring you. I am due to get married *insya-Allah* first week of August 2009 with a 3 days event (maybe 2 days) and would like to ask you what wedding packages you're offering, i.e. photography and videography, editting of photos, photos printed, album sizes, photobook (do you produce them?) and DVD storage for both videos and pictures.

How much extra charges, if any, do you request for customers from outside Brunei-Muara District?

Let’s see what they all have to say *jeng! Jeng! Jeng!*

Friday, 16 January 2009

survey2 lagi!

Boyfie and I decided to go out for a little bit of surveying today but first, LAUNDRY!!
It’s good to start the day with a little bit of exercising. Menyasah nyentaaaa! Hehehe kursus suri rumahtangga ni secara tidak lansung!!

This Sunday will be my Ladies’ outing so kureng dpt lah kn menguruskan hal-hal kawin2an ani…~ Question is how to tell them ah? Malu alai~ Inda d bagitau takut krg dorg menyamal, I know a few that does… so yeah, whoever yg dtg esok… they’ll be the first to know. Not gonna tell them terang2 lh, prolly just ask them to come over to my place for a small ‘makan-makan’. Boyfie pun nda bgitau his friends tu…happens so jua arh his place dorang celebrate his niece’s b’day…so bleh cover up lh sikit (hehehe)

Right, preparation for your big day needs proper time management. As of today, my engagement day has been confirmed to 25th January 2009. Catering sudah set by my parents, ‘campur’ as mentioned earlier dh my sister bought the packaging for 200pax. Thanks to AkadNikah.com, I’ve an Excel copy for budgeting my expenditures! Excel is the most important thing ni, I have to do all my preps with the programme even for the invitation names tu nanti… speak of which, mesti start jua ni typing.. slooooowly~ Tunggu sound dari daddy baru th implement.

He has already asked me to print out our previous name list (bakas2 kawin my sis back in 2001) I was the Secretary that time, so I still keep the file.. untuk masa depan, nah kan.. now beguna tia!~ Baik jua menyimpan…

AAAaaanyway, tdi we found the 'gold' ring for engagement. lawalah.. nice n simple... klu org meliat tau jua org cincin tunang lah ah~ kna pikir jua mahal! *lol* we got it on discount of 50% then after Friday prayer…we went str8 to Myzura Gallery in Kiulap, quite impress with the accessories and baju2 they have there. Macam2 ada… they even offer mbuat gubahan for hantaran, now this I have to think through dlu (as sisters are planning to do the deco2 themselves) so we’ll see. Batah lgi tu! ;) We also checkout Nurul Huda Bridal, Nurhayana and Citra Idaman Boutique since it’s in the same neighbourhood. Can’t really decide which boutique yg me tepakai just yet… we’ll see.

At 3p.m tdi, met up wif boyfie’s parents d Giant, kan membali tempat nyimpan cincin for tunang~ Found them warna silver and gold *schwing* photos will be uploaded after the ceremony yeah?

After that we go round Batu Bersurat area just doing our usual roundings, sekali yeah.. why not, stop by arh Ruzz Pelamins to check out what they offer… not to bad as well. Hehehe + tempat basuh kaki dorg bisai~~ I loiiiikkkeeee!!! So yeah.. we’ll see on this one as well!

Banyak lagi masa but better awal rather than last minute right?? 7 months prep pun consider ok ni dah.. ada orang ONE year lgi!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday survey

I guess it’s not wrong to do a little bit of advertisement here.

Hehehe went out with Boyfie after work… yeah, normally we’d have this routine of meeting up every Mondays and Thursdays (after work), meeting point would be somewhere in Tutong, cos kalau balik ke rumah lgi it’s time consuming. So yeah, met him td @ d usual… then we went to Katimahar.

Plan was to survey saja, TAPI the type and songket colour pun dorang ada…!! The exact colour yg kami mau!!! I have yet to check the other bridal boutiques in Brunei/KB/Tutong lgi ni. Gladly I came across with AkadNikah.Com and PerkahwinanKu.Biz.. they’re somewhat like an online directory for all us to-be-wed couples. *thumbsup*

Y’all may find the links at the sidebar.

Friday, 9 January 2009

bz, bz, bz

WHAT-A-BUSY- WEEK!!! Ngalih rsanya eh.. sapa jua kn tahan mun everyday kn meeting sja. Now that's what we call MIB people!! No plans for ring hunting this week, but I've discussed with boyfie on things to do next week. A rough time plan have been made. By saying rough, I mean rough lah tu ah... nda betulis, nda bhapa... it's all in the head! *lol*

Right abt now, I'm still not sure when's the big day. Tentatively... it'll be sometime early ... hrmmm should I tell?? Nanti lah kali ah...? :P I'm hoping for my bju kurung to be finished on tym juuuussssttttttt before the engagement day. nyehnyehnyeh~ Naaah, not gonna dress up for that day, just a simple bju kurung yg I always used to attend wedding functions n such. Not even with make-up on ni nanti *lol* now that's even going simpler than simple!!!

Sis is planning to bake something for the guests' 'campur'. Not so sure apa kan di bakenya.. either cuppies or cookies tu.. mcm2 experimentnya ni nanti for my upcoming future events ;) haih~ can't w8..

Monday, 5 January 2009

....part troix

Just got the news!!! *lol*
I'm happy, happy, haaaapppppyyyyy~~~

Surely the session went well, indung mana nda mau meliat anaknya kahwin right?
So I heard we're gonna get engaged the end of this month. Boyfie's dad proposed 2 dates which is this 18th .... and 25th. Sis told me that mum seek her opinion regarding those dates.

I, myself prefers the 25th cos the next day atu cuti.. durang my sis dapat jua stay d kampung :)
So we'll see about it. My God, I'm getting engaged end of this month!!! *woot*woot*

Oh yes, as part of the Bruneian tradition, Mum requested :
1. Pembuka Mulut = sebentuk cincin, B$100.00
2. Tanda Tunang = sebentuk cincin, B$100.00

Looks like me and boyfie will have some shopping to do! Especially knowing the fact that Mum wants a gold ring for cincin Tanda Tunang...

!!!!!!Mayday! Mayday!!!!!!

Yes, yes I'm not really keen on wearing a gold ring... mesti th cari yg bisai2 neeee~ Need to arrange a date for 'ring shopping' ;) ;) ;) ;)
As for pembuka mulut, that's been taken cared of by dear boyfie~

Next week th kli tu or... hmmm, need to check my 'planner' ne!
(auuu.. hav to get meself a planner, else juggling stuffs won't be possible ne this year!!)
We have to be secretive and discreet about this.. kekekeke
I'm so excited~~~

The Proposal, Part Deux

Today's my mum's birthday...
Happy Birthday Mum *hugs* I have something for her tpi belum siap...
Hopefully lawa my baju for her atu eh
and today too marks the first step of something new in my life.. :) :)

Boyfie's parents was here today. Didn't know how the session went. Berahsia bah dorang ah...
Had to dig from my boyfie nehhh!! ish~ Looking forward to hear from my sisters OR boyfie.
Pretty much nervous with this... *sigh*

Mudahan th semuanya OK *Amin*

Will edit this soon~~

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