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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

just a short one


Hi all! My apologies to all for being M.I.A (missing in action) for quite sometime. Internet dirumah gaaaaaaay berabis!!!! I get myself disconnected every now and then *sob*

Nadya and Nrv0us: Kain is easily available at YMRM, 1st Metro, Firoz and Nazmi (listed according to my preferences) I soooo love the designs they have at YMRM :D BUT if u're going to KK or KL.. then it's a different story, do stop by at Jakel, Gulati's or Euro Moda (ani.. semua lawa2!). In terms of menjahit, you can just go arh tailor yg u banar2 trust i.e tmpt selalu buat baju Hari Raya (ohhh that reminds me.. hav to shop for kain untuk Hari Raya hehehe last year skipped.. this year mesti!)

dinda : Kain lelaki, ask ur fiance jenis mana yang he is comfortable with. :D for me, I prefer to buy my hubby kain Teijin but you have to really feel the kain. Make sure it's not too thick / thin and sajuk rasanya bila dipakai. So far, me blikan kain for my hubby.. he loves them!Now he trusts me to buy kain for him *winks* The more reason I love to go to textile shops nowadays~ hehe

mashimaru : cute nick! My advice would be to seek your elderly in this area. Cos they should know the person more and can be easily trusted. Not that I'm putting bad image of penganguns to everyone. Ganya, the more ur family trust them.. the better right?

zaza : female photogs ada dari Hitam Puteh, Wedding Brunei and Putih and Lush~ You can request from them for their female photog. ;)

I will get a new entry as soon as I get my internet fixed up! I miss updating the blog... *sigh*

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