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Monday, 3 August 2009

Officially A Bride!!

Assalamualaikum peepolzzzz....!!!

Alhamdulillah... I am officially Mrs. A!! Sorry if the above pic is abit blur.. but yeah, this was when my husband slipped on the wedding ring to my finger... Was a tiring day but nevertheless, ssssiiiiiiiiooooooookkkkkkkkkk!!!! I sure hoped our pictures taken by our photogs atu lawa.. for someone yang nda brapa pandai kan posing romantic2 ani.. I'm practically "karau" modeling kemarin atu~ *coughs* Mudahan ja lawa jdinya *Amin*

Aaanyhoos, I've been lazy-ing around all day, admiring all the hantaran gifts (11 in total).. from my hubby:
  1. The Qur'an
  2. Mas Kahwin & Wedding Ring
  3. Belanja Hangus (I wish not to disclosed here)
  4. The Jongsarat (Blue in colour~)
  5. Sejadah & Telekong
  6. Sireh Junjung
  7. Tailored Baju Kurungs (Brown and Gray)
  8. A pair of shoes
  9. Handbags
  10. Watch
  11. Perfume Sets
And from me to him:
  1. The Qur'an
  2. Sejadah, Songkok & 'Topi Haji'
  3. Watch & Wedding Ring (asked the decorator to put these together)
  4. Baju Melayu (Brown and Gray)
  5. A pair of shoes and socks
  6. Sinjang(s)
  7. Belt and Wallet Set
  8. Perfume Sets
  9. Work attire (shirt and ties)
  10. Fondant Cookies (courtesy of Taste on Tray)
  11. Man Utd Jersey Cake (TOT's)
  12. Hantaran Cuppies (TOT's)
  13. Wajid Jawa (courtesy of my Aunt & Mummy)
  14. Kek Lapis (2 dulangs for this one)
That makes 11 dulang from Him and 15 dulang from Me.... simple2 aja barang2nya, 'well thought of ' asmarsbars put it.. :) Yeap, our hantarans were decorated by none other than aunty Hjh Rosni of Seri Hantaran and a few by my eldest sis. Had an emotional moment with aunty Hjh, turned out that she and our (me and hubby's) mums were friends back in the olden days. Zaman bujang2 dlu.. and especially mum-in-law, kawannya zaman sekolah~ I was fighting hard to hold back my tears when I see the shine in aunty Hjh's eyes when she found out about who our parents were. *sigh* Mum was pretty busy the day I fetched the Hantarans, else memang ... *speechless*sigh* nanti tah Ma ahhh..

one of the sample pics of the watch and ring holder decorated by Aunty Hjh Rosni.. :)

Anyways, I remember telling you lots yesterday that I was gonna bake lasagna... well, quite unfortunate plang~ Else nyaman dh parut the hubby makan my lasagna~ The story was, intinya siap dh bebuat with the sauce and all..skali as I was about to heat up the oven sambil2 KAN do all the layerings~~ Apanah? The power trip *AGAIN!!!* (refer to my entry time tunang) hehe selalu th jua cematu atu kn.. just like earlier this year, coincidence?? *Alhamdulillah* sekalinya me and the maid check the power box.. switch it on semula, switch on the oven lagi.. triiiipppp lagi! On lagi semula.. switch on the oven.. trip lagi~ *sigh* By then I know, something is definitely wrong with the oven.. Soooo cancel tia baking lasagna~ Kali nda lama lapas atu, my nini datang kn memandikan me~ So yeah...~ Lagipun kan...if add lasagna jdi 16 dulangs tia kn? But wait... OMG!!! I just remembered, I added chocolates lgi? Genap jua masih no.nya tuuu... *sshhhhh* Ndapalh...janji Majlis Nikah yesterday selesai dengan sempurna and YES, SEKALI LAFAZ !!!*Alhamdulillah*

To my Sayang... nanti2 tah I bake for you the lasagna yea~~ *winks*

For now, my family and I still need to arrange the gifts for guests yg membadaki as well as the Dzikir ladies. :D (semua masuk Living Room tu nanti..), fixing of tents for Berbedak and Sanding reception, fetch accessories pakaian Brunei and baju Sanding... prepare makanan for orang dtg bedudun starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday a.m., make sure my MuA (for berbedak) arrive on time, the lanterns for decorations fixed, the berbedak tray and pelamin Basuh Kaki sampai complete with all the accessories ... insya-Allah~ Mudah-mudahan semua berjalan dengan lancar... AMMIIINNNNN

Until my next entry...

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