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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mission I-M-possible !!!

Assalamualaikum ladies (and gents? eheh I believe there are male readers as well..kan?)

IT HAS BEEN ....... 4 YEARS?! Mengalahkan maternity leave my blog ani! *haha* I was reading through all my stories, and well-yeah it brings back the good 'ol memories I shared with Mr.A when we plan for our wedding.

Now, what made me do that? you may ask... 

I was actually looking for my checklist as we are now (in the family) planning a wedding for my cousin. And guess what??? It's next month.... I repeat, NEXT MONTH!!! Now, one would've thought it is an impossible task.. I mean, less than a month? Seriously?? Adakah segala MuA, catering, pelamins etc mau menerima ni at such last minute... especially tah if you want to hold the wedding dalam dewan??! No, I'm not complaining here... in fact, I am more than excited cos you see.. I get to update this blog!!!Aaaaaand too make it interesting, I get to check out bridal boutiques for pelamins!! *grins* 

So, here's the story...

Last Sunday was THE day our elderly had a family meeting to confirm the dates for my cousin's wedding. No, there was nothing fishy going on.. my aunt and cousin just simply want to do everything by end of 2016 (2016 bucket list perhaps?). Now, the mission is to plan a wedding that is simple yet elegant and not costly but have everything in it. 2 days, 3 events.. nikah at the mosque and berbedak and sanding in the hall.

Mission I-M-possible officially commenced! I'm soooooooo excited!!! Oh by the way, this weekend ada wedding showcase at RBRC. I will definitely drop by and have a looksie, and perhaps book!

See you there! 

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