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Friday, 5 February 2010

Purple / Ungu

A little bit of something to share with everyone... PURPLE

Let's start off with purple bouquet... the ever so famous round tied and hand tied bouquet

something for the guests, chocolates!! Everyone's a chocoholic... :D:D

white invitation card with purple deco? niiiicceeeee~~~~

white blocked pelamins are increasingly popular nowadays.. and this one's decorated with the theme colour.. lawa jua bh ah?

dresses, cake, flower pins and corsages for the families and flowergirls... blinging purple shoe!!
I love the purple dress below, I'm planning to make a dress like that (with sleeves ofcourse) hoping for one of my dear friends to ask me wear this colour for his / her wedding *hehe*

I honestly love the concept colour for this room.. simple curtain, simple deco yet it manage to enhance the comfy-ness of the roomm...

Those of you yg planning to hold receptions @ hotels / halls... u may go for this purple lighting effect... (note to all: the original colour for everything was just white)

An evil trick to all ur guests actually, cos as you walk pass them towards the wedding dais (pelamin) ur baju colour lain and then naik pentas lain tia... but you just have to make sure that ur baju looks gorgeous on both effects.. :D

I wish I could plan someone's wedding ceremony now.. I honestly miss the hecticness. PLUS, I would loooooveee to be crazy and wild with all the themes I could come up with. What say you??

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