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Thursday, 13 May 2010

NB shares...


I'm pretty much demotivated the whole because I don't know why. I guess, it's one of those days where i just feel like I want to stay at home and just do nothing. Basically, I'm suppose to apply for my annual leave ni this month but due to some reasons. Inda jadi... So, I'm still contemplating on my schedules. :D Alhamdulillah for giving me all this strength, ya Allah..

This week has been all sooo stressful for me, I tend to have tears every now and then..but allah knows best and I thank Him for making me who I am today~ :) Alright then, on to the next person who willingly shares her stories / experience with us all...

Hey everyone!

Lets just call me the nervous bride (NB). First of all i would like to thank "Sweetie" for sharing your story. Your story inspired me to share my experience with a photog too. (a bad experience at that!)

Anyways.. I know this photog, through his blog. Mcm famous lah ah orang ani. So, without waiting any further, i emailed him and tell him that i wanted to book him and i even asked if he was available on those dates. He said yes, and then he gave me his personal number. So i contacted him again.. texted him.. but he did not reply. It was only after couple of days that he gave me a reply. So i told him that i wanted to meet him and discuss further. Again, no reply.

I didn't give up, because from his blog, it was obvious he WAS that good and quite popular. I thought to myself, YES! HE IS THE ONE. He should be the one who will take my wedding pictures nanti.

So anyways.. i texted him again, telling him i wanted to meet him, and then he said "ok meet u tomorrow at X time d restaurant Y".

So the next day, i was running a bit late (5 mins only!) so i texted him i was already there, and i was finding a parking spot. So he texted me he said "ITS OK, TAKE YOUR TIME". So, me and my fiance rushed to the restaurant. At a glimpse of him, i knew it was him, he was with his gadgets lah, laptop and all those things spread out on a table. He was talking to a man when we walked in, he acknowledged us, by a simple nod.

So we waited at the next corner of the room, waited.. and waited.. while he was still busy talking to that man. We even had the time to order drinks and drank them. SO yea.. just imagine how long we waited. So after a while, he called us to his table. Before we even sat down, he said " You know that man i was talking too? yea, he already booked your dates."

We looked at him, i was expecting him to 'joke' - but he still looked mcm biasa saja! HE DIDNT EVEN SAY SORRY! mcm what?? at that point, i was just speechless. Dont tell me i just sat there, for almost half an hour fr nothing! RUPANYA he double booked me! We sat down, Tuhan ganya tau prasan kami masa tu. Mcm kana main main kn bah. TAPI yang bari sakit hati, after all that, masih ia show off his pictures, n cakap "I'm a photo journalist, so i take pictures cara bercereta lah" so he showed us and pointed at every pic "ani.. pengantin lelaki be usai diri.. at the same time, pengantin bini kana make up kan...selepas atu, durang ready, sekali ke hall sama sama..something along that line! Mcm apakan? pandai jua kmi meliat gmbar. SO whats the point of u show off? inda jua kami dpt book ia!

SO i said lah.. mcm kenapa ya inda bagitau ada org kn book ia on those dates jua? marah kli ah. He said, ia andang style nya macam atu, sapa dulu bayar ia tah tu. WELLL EXCUSE ME, how am i suppose to know ada org kn book kami punya dates? and how r we supose to know ia kn deposit? how dare he double book me? that is just so selfish of him. He said we can take other new photogs under him (yg balum cukup experience pulang) tapinya, harganya! subahanallah. MAHAL! Inda jua jauh daripada how much he charges. Why should we pay that amount for org yg hardly ada any experience?

We left.. feeling hurt and feeling extremely pissed. Inda pedah kami bejumpa ia. ATLEAST lah ah, have the courtesy to inform us awal. F he told us awal ada org booking, and sapa laju ia dpt, then fine! we will deposit. BUT dont treat us this way.

I have a photog friend. He then told me about c lelaki ani. rupanya he is famous for being like that. KNown to be pemalas, tau shoot saja. Klu ada shooting with other photogs, yg lain usai the light, and pose kn models.. ia tau duduk arah corner, udah photogs lain siap mengusai setting apa, baruth ia bediri and shoot! And yg bari sakit hati, laju laju ia upload those pics arah his blog, kirakan ia punya idea lah.

Also, i met with an old friend of mine, who happened to be his client. I asked how the pictures turn out, and she was sooooo mad! she said, apatu! brapa lama sudah ku kawin, balum siap! and when i texted him up, betelipon apa he said he will only siapkn klu bayar full sudah. bt the thing is she paid more than half! sekiranya harganya 4k, she paid about 3600 sudah! apa jua ganya few hundred dollars?! she wanted to pay him after siap. BUT walaupun ia discuss bisai bisai, kana teriaki pulang oleh c lelaki ani.

Anyways.. just look out lah ah for this photog. and if u read Sweetie's cereta, i cant help but feel we r talking about the same person. That goes to show you how valid our stories are. Bukannya kn downgrade him, watsoever. but just looking out for those brides to be out there. Careful! Just because he is famous, or internationlly known, pernah gmbar artis kah apakah, dont be fooled. We r customers, and we should get the treatment we deserve.

From Nervous Bride aka "NB"


Diriwayatkan oleh Muslim, Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Seburuk-buruk manusia disisi Allah pada hari Kiamat adalah seorang lelaki yang menceritakan hubungan dengan isterinya dan isteri yang berhubungan dengan suaminya lalu menyebarluaskan rahsia mereka."

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