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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

a little update.. :)

Salam everyone,

I don't know whether I have or have not put up the picture above as my entry display but simply said, I love the shot!! Mysterious but somewhat meaningful in its own ways. Hhehehe is it not? I was thinking of posting another reader's story some time this week and today's entry is merely answering the chatbox..

yohjah : w'salam... inda lagi lama? no invites for me? hehehe nadabah... I hope all your preps are doing well yeah? remember what I've typed in before.. all the anxiety atu NORMAL and kabak2 atu bawa byk2 baca2 k? Insya-allah everything will go on smoothly.. :)

Guest : good decision and pasal M.U.A shidah.. I don't know her and alum pernah dangar jua.. sorry~

roza : dearies, to save your budget I would say, go ahead with your plan tpi discuss with the parents lah. Inda pun, explain to them openly that you just want the event to take place in 1 day.. lgipun kan, lapas nikah memang cnfirm jua kna suruh Sanding tu, nda ja?

aesha : depending on urself..if u want to bagi or inda. But bare in mind, jangan gold or white gold k? silver / platinum is ok. Jarang plg ladies kan mbagi to men sal yg meminang lelaki kan?

Note for all, the ring normally symbolizes that tani (perempuan) tunangan orang ... and haram utk lelaki lain meminang tani.

I will post up a new entry some time soon... just watch this space! :)

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