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Monday, 25 October 2010

...don't know what to put

Assalamualaikum ladiesss~~~

How is everyone?? I hope everything goes well... Like I said, October's a busy month for me hence the slowness with my updates. My internet's a no-no at my place so basically, I can only go online at the in-laws. Two weeks ago, I was away for a short working trip. It was exhausting but nonetheless, 'memorable' in a way~ *lol* Only my friend J knows the story...

But before I flew off, I did go to the Wedding Exhibition (think it was on Friday) and guess what? I was surprised that not many B2Bs were there. In fact, both me and Mr. A plang kna pikir kan kahwin~ And not to disappoint them, we went on and played the act! Hehehehe! Sometimes it does surprise me when strangers thought that we (me and the mister) aren't married yet. Kadang-kadang, ada jua the elders giving us the 'kanak-kanak masani ani nda tau malu' look... ah well, take it as a compliment!

the quietness of the expo last time, even RBA booths were kosong and believe you me, the tickets were at an unexpected price...

In case everyone's still wondering, yeap... I'm still the same 'ol, same 'ol~ Missing all the ladies with all their updates and random chats at chatango above... mana kamuuuuu????!~~ :(

Miss83 : mana uuuuuu??? have you tried it?? I've been neglecting my supplements..mesti kna acut ne!

YE20 : hw are things?? cuba sudah??

Dk25 : it has been awhile lah~

Na21 : semua tah tni ni jdi 'Desperate Wives'... a friend suggested that we all read this book 'Jangan Bersedih' I will start reading today..

SiNana and G228 : *HUGS* and congrats to you both~ I wish the both of you and little ones the very best and take good care of your babies yeah! Do update us all with the experiences yeah... :D

Anyways, while I was abroad, I did some surfing and found these beautiful pelamins from the wedding of none other, Jimmy Shanley and his bride, Suhaila...

this was the pelamin during their engagement
nikah pelamin
sanding pelamin
(All the pics are taken from beautifulnara.com)

and below are the pictures of the pelamin from the last fairytale wedding video I uploaded,

lovely ain't it? all taken from jumiejumie.blogspot.com

The evolution of pelamin nowadays~ simple but elegant...! Ideas for thought to our dear boutiques! ;)

Until then, cheerios!

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