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Thursday, 10 December 2015

hickory, dickory dock...


Exactly 2 weeks before the big day! I do hope my cousin sorted out her bajus and accessories sudah... *bitenails* We gave her the courtesy to handle this herself cos yalah.. she needs to go for the fitting and all kan?

My aunt and younger cousins are busy putting names on the invitation card. Kudos to her actually for being able to narrow down our invitation list from 700+ names to just around 300!? Aahhh-maaaaaa-zzzziiiiinnnggg!! LikeI said in previous posts, niat baik insya-Allah dipermudahkan.

Our family gathering for doorgifts packaging will be this coming Sunday. Between that day and today, I have to run errands, complete my field  work and meet up with my supervisors (please oh please let them go easy on me #overreactingalittle )

Until then.

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