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Friday, 15 January 2016

... The Beginning

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Remembering my entry on hantarans in 2009 which got me thinking. I have always wanted to do my own hantaran back then (but due to my bz-ness, and yeah..don't want to spend much on my hantarans cos we can spend more AFTER we got married..which is true and still valid until today and insya-Allah, the future) and with me commuting to work everyday adapting to married life and then kids! *lol* The things just keep on coming right? 

So my husband asked me one day, 'when are you ready to give your magic hands a go at hantaran arrangements? I know you can do it and I believe you can...' Those words, walaupun simple as it may sound has really made me thinking. That's my husband and he is ALWAYS pushing me to get me back on track with my creative side.... especially with baking, diys and other things (because honestly I've lost track on some for some reason *lol* even blogging!)

I guess it's true what I ever told my husband. I'm a planner, and I enjoy planning. And I thank Allah for giving me the chance to be part of the planning committee for my cousin's wedding last December and opening my eyes so that, yeah- I should do this. I shall give it a go... and insyaAllah, the best decision we ever make is the decision to try right? 

Ok, so dengan kalimah Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... saya dengan sukacitanya, mengumumkan permulaan bagi 'Blooming Little Bows' providing you hantaran arrangement services especially now that we are sooooo IN with the wooden pallet trays. I have always loved the hantaran designs made using the pallet trays, the rustic, chic and minimalist ideas for hantaran. Simple and elegant! Ok, ok.. enough with the suspense... here's one I actually arrange by myself.... #hantaranrustic #rustichantaran #BLBHantaran2016

I won't be joining any bridal showcase or wedding festival 'yet' ... saya budak baru belajar okay? incase you all are asking, just contact me directly at my e-mail yes? or simply follow me on our IG : @bloominglittlebows

Oh yes -- early confirmed bookers will receive further % on the introductory rate stated.

Sooooo... tunggu apa lagi?!!!! I'm waaaiiiitinggggg~~~~~~


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