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Friday, 6 February 2009


First of all, HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY to dearest Daddy.. Mudah-mudahan dikurniakan tubuh badan yang sihat hingga ke akhir hayat *Amin*
We love you Dad!!

Today, i decided to go out and make bookings for accessories and pelamins. We have decided on where to rent them out. *yippee* The earlier the better...photogs lg brabis awal orang membooking, apath lgi pelaminan ani.. (based on my theory plang ni)

So yeah, got my pelamin for nikah, berbedak, bersanding and basuh kaki. *phew* Batah jua kami d kadai atu tadi..~ I have yet to confirm the colours for dais deco :) :) Need to look up on more wedding magazines!!

We too went to get some consultation for customised wedding bands. One shop is pricey than the other so we went for the cheaper one. Within the allowable budget. Alhamdulillah~ But we still need to think it over... at least 1 week lah ah.. guess, if nada halangan, next week will drop by to the jewellery shop lgi. *smiles*
Oh yes, to be fair with dear fiancé, I made sure I chose my ring which cost equal enough with his. At least adil kan?~ It's fun to actually be out with him doing all this. Shows me how really really committed we are toward this marriage thingy. No play, play ah this one!

Pa & Ma pun happy kan the fact that we got everything sorted out sudah.. slow and steady~


My sisters and I will be going to KL end of this month, we're flying via Miri using MAS Airlines. hehe ticket murah bah haritu tat's why we bought it. Thinking of mbuat my Invitation card d sna.. hopefully...insya-Allah~ As for now, drafting sja dalam words. Making sure nada salah ejaan n such. I've been pushing my fiancé to get his done as well. In fact borang utk Nikah pun malar I ingati tu! Kesian eh kna pressure... sorry my cinta~

Lagi awal lagi bagus right?

I haven't seen how the form looks like, will give you lots some pointers nanti once i got it ;)

Yours Truly

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