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Friday, 20 February 2009

... a little upd8


Few more days till my holiday and I'm psyched! Tho I wished my travelling partner is flying with me jua at least ada dgn melating~ :) This will be my 1st tym travelling with both sis after so so soooo many years!! Flight ticket has been arranged by dearest me, accomodation and transportation arranged by dearest #2 and dearest #1 will be ummm.. just tagging along cos she needs to get some shopping for her 'side business' ..

:D :D :D

I miss travelling.... this upcoming trip would be different, it'll be a strictly business trip. Mesti dpt semua barang2 yg d perlukan... and yeh, the invitation card. My draft's been finalised and dad is happy about it. I had to get Visio Professional installed into my lappy to get our map done. A very good programme indeed! Had mine n dear fiancé punya map done with the programme.. *winks* We wanted our ones to be simple, readable but yet still looks nice. Cemana kh ni krg usulnya bilanya dah bebuat..?? Hehe excited eh bila membuat dlm jemputan atu nama us both ..*iskiness*

I'm like... waaahhh~ we're really getting married ni! *wow* basically, senyum2 kambing lh tym drafting the card atu.. *lol*

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