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Friday, 13 February 2009

The room...

Salam all and Heeelllooo~~

Apanah?!! The wedding rings.. confirm dh!! We asked them to keep hold of it until a week b4 our wedding. For safe keeping :) Tak berani lah nak simpan, not before the wedding.. tau th jua lgi girls like me. Inda tahan tu..gernti kan 'testing' pakai saja *lol* Lain lgi yg gatal tangan tu... Na'uzubillah~

I had a thought of building in a customized wardrobe for my room few days back, that's why today on our way to Bandar, yes..dear fiancé picked me up 2day~ we stopped by at Zalin Woods @ Home Centre Kg. Bunut, to see how much they can quote for a built-in wardrobe. Ganya soalnya lagi..to buy a bed, only a bed, yg d sukai ani not that cheap jua... Must have a Plan B for my room makeover ni. Dear mum has been suggesting to put laminated flooring for my room, need to consider the price of carpeting and laminating the floor. Haih~ They say if laminate floor, nanti2 when with kids.. durg tegugur kah apa nda sakit.. BUT nda licin kah tu?? soalan lgi tu kan.. I too am prone to getting myself hurt tu.. so, I guess carpeting th sja.. both of my sis buat catu..ok jua :) :)

I have two concepts for my room. Either this one.....

modern with a built in sliding cabinet~


without the posts lah ah...

or something like the above... :) should be fine right? As long as it's within the specified budget ;) and when ada new bedset nanti baru th bleh think of painting / wallpapering the room... and then curtains n bedsheets + duvet (ani buy saja ni.. curtains yeah need to get that one done jua... 2 months before the wedding should b alright kli eh? But wait.. the wedding atu dkt dgn bulan Puasa.. ok kh tu ah, I'll try and have a go nanti ..AFTER K.L trip!!!

Kuala Lumpur here I come...

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