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Saturday, 28 March 2009

...uhh maaaa!!

Salam ppl.. yes, yes.. I knooooww~ it's been awhile... quite busy with work and all~
I finally had my baju sanding measured the other day, turns out kurang labih my fashion atu dgn the owner's daughter punya baju kawin.. the diff would be .. mine NO LACE!!! Yes, I rather not spoil the beauty of songket. But having a sneak peek to their designs, awu bah... dorg bh dulu pakai tu!!! Kami lama lgi.. but the design has been thought since early this year dah.. mudahan th nda ramai d buatnya cematu.. mun nda kan sama jua tu.. nda???

Updates on invitation cards!!!! Yeay.. this week sepatutnya happy tpi ntah kpisan jua rasanya lah ah..

My sis just got back from K.L of which she told me that my invitation card is 'unreadable' I was surprised cos as I could remember, semua ber'hotstamp' so what could go wrong?! Couldn't really concentrate at work due to this... My IN tray's been quiet jua so... *sigh* Ok will most definitely dropby to sis's place later.. kn meliat jua kan....


After the visit....

I went over to sis's place this evening... and 'Uuhhhh Maaa!!!' yap, there goes my Tutong phrase.. banar eh, totally unreadable!!! I was really, really, reaaaaally frustrated cos this means I had to get the person incharge of my invitation card atu to do it all over again. Padan tah murah.. rupanya she charged us harga hotstamping untuk cover saja.. d dalam totally unreadable!!!! Nanti th I post up the pix... I'm totally out of words bh tdi ah.. straight away text dear fiancé "OH MY GOD!!" And he immediately understood me.. *love u* Sakit wah kepala lehnya....!!~


.... so I said to myself, this is just another dugaan... nda bleh panic, I still hav 4 mths to go.. look at the bright side, ke K.L th lgi ni sulnya hehehehe sapa baik ku bawa ah? I have to reconfirm with the lady-in-charge for my cards ..kn betanyakan quotationnya brapa if for mengubah cos clearly underpaid jua tu last time atu... I'm pretty disappointed tpi yalah... sabar sja tia... andang macam2 ni dugaannya...


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