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Friday, 6 March 2009

baju, baju and... baju

I can't believe I was sick the past few days!!! My holiday down the drain bh tu.. nonetheless, Alhamdulillah~ Now I only have the weekend to spare.... ah well, enjoy it while it last ;) Not much update for this week I guess....

Me and dear fiancé decided to send over our baju nikah and Mulih 7 to my tailor's boutique. Apa juanya menyuruh dorg menjahit except ofcourse dear fiancé's attire. Ada lain ckit so.. yah! :) :) We have some sort of agreement in terms of payment for the baju.. hehehe kinda like, I paid for the materials, he'll pay for sumthing else lah of the same amount ;) We have yet to do measuring for our baju Sanding.. au bah.. lama sudah inda drop by to 'that' boutique, takut plang ya offer that baju to some other couple.. jaga yaaaa!! So far, after the endless surveying other bouttiques.. none yang ada that kain.... *wishful thinking* It's nothing fancy, simple aja!

Nanti th when me and dear fiancé have time to spare, we go measure2 for the baju... I'm definitely confident that i won't gain nor lose any weight lgi ni.. maintain saja! ;) insya-Allah...~~

d design would be ala2 Ashraf and Bunga's wedding attire lah... :) :)

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