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Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Day 1: Departure

Flight from Miri was rather pleasing, though we had a little issue on 'food' bleh lagi durang salah bagi. We wanted Ayam masak Merah and they gave us fish fillet with tomato sauce. Soooo not right!

Upon arrival at KLIA, we were picked up by our transportation and off we went to our hotel, Quality Hotel, which is off Jln Masjid India. The journey was rather ... umm slow~ sal the driver drove like 70km/h and we're hungry! Well, my sister was.. cos she didn't eat during the flight due to the technical error mentioned earlier.

Sampai hotel, check-in then trus we go out to have a late dinner and we had sate!! Had we arrived sooner, sempat kami negotiate on kad jemputan awal atu.. ani tutup tia kadainya~ *shucks*

Day 2: Unleashing the Shopaholic in me.

a.m. - Jln Masjid India

Manage to borong macam2 jenis tudong 'Ekin'. It's practically everywhere!!! My sis were spending their $ like nothing, as for me.. tahan saja cos I'm only in KL for a mission and selasai semua atu then I can peacefully go out shopping for myself. :)

Alhamdulillah~ I managed to get a Pengantin package for Baju Beaded lace and Satin.. they were on offer so I just can't resist not buying them!! Plus, it's nice for Mulih 7 Hari :) :) I too bought a white beaded lace & satin for Nikah attire nanti. It's rather simple looking and I only intend to make baju kurung fesyen out of it (at least bleh pakai for Jemputan to Istana kan?) Being financially intelligent there.. hehehehe I'm sure my tailor will be as excited as I am... lawa kainnya~ and my sister helped me out to chose the lace for pakaian Mulih 7. I hope Sayang agreed... *Amin*

p.m. - Sri Hartamas

At Sri Hartamas, that would be my sisters' agendas. We spent almost 3 hours at this one shop and God knows brapa kg kh ni nanti excess kami.. mudahan inda banyak lah ah~ Then we went to 1-Utama for dinner at my #2 all time fav restaurant, Johnny's, for steamboat.. auuu kanyang jua nyenta!!! She bought her self a new camera *inda ingat which model* and there too, I bought several items for hantaran nanti.. namanya jua on offer, can't resist!!

Balik semula ke hotel around 10p.m like so... need to pack barang A.S.A.P. !!

Day 3 : KLCC

a.m. - Jln Masjid India

Bought more 2dongs and was in search of a big complex yang banyak bejual bunga2 talor and hantaran decos.. and OH MY GOD!!! How I wish d Brunei ada... like the famous qoute from ASTRO,
Macam2 Ada~~ If any of you intend to go shopping in K.L, better go to Semua House! Best!

We also went scavenging for outlets for printing invitation cards and Alhamdulillah... we found a place. It was actually the first place yg kami aga jua.. after long discussion, we paid our deposit and tawakkal, mudahan saja the card turned out alright. Insya-Allah~ *Amin*

p.m. - Shah Alam and KLCC

Went to Shah alam for a little bit more shopping (my sisters) and then KLCC. Should've gone to Marks and Spencer, prolly belurih some PJs there.. buleh jua utk hantaran tu kan? decent ones lh. My visit to la Senza was disappointing. Nada belurih! Thanks to dear fiancé who's non-stopping reminding me to buy more stuffs for our hantaran. Alhamdulillah~ I found them jua... within our budget with great offer.. niiiiceeeeee~~ We had our dinner @ Madam Kwan's KLCC, the Kuey Tiao, an absolute nyumminess!! Pakal sja I'm full that time, else I could've clean out the plate! *lol*

Since semua sudah get what they want, we retired early back to the hoteel just cos we need to do a lot of packing. Our transport will be picking us up at 6a.m the following day so yeah~

Last Day : BURGER KING!!!!

*lol* yes, yes.. we had Burger King for breakfast and we end up being the last ppl to board the flight... sikit lgi termiss flight tu ah?

Sampai Miri, bro-in-law picked us up, sent me back to Tutong.. Petang guess what?? Jalan sama.... yes, you guessed it right!!

......Dear fiancé.....

P/S : No pix attached in this entry.. spoil tia krg my brg2 and bjus :P~

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