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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Thought I should make a proper greeting to all my Muslim readers, may this Eid truly brings forgiveness to us all. Without realising, it's already a week plus of endless openhouses invitations to some.. tpi ingat-ingat jua lh, those yg inda berkemampuan k? D 1st week ani, didn't do much raya-ing as I'm pretty much occupied with work (so does hubby)... 1st day ofcourse lh, spent my day at our parents' place. Hehe, tiring but great fun. My family skipped doing our raya convoy ritual this year, why? Cos 3rd day of Raya sorang2 kami going back to work and mengalih kli tu ah~ Soo... kes nda mau kengalihan, berehat saja lh ;)

Just to share with you lots, me and hubby celebrated our "going out" anniversary on the last weekend of Ramadhan (akhirnya sampai hajat kan sungkai out *hugs*) Hehe yeh, our first dinner was in Ramadhan, that's why I love the month so much .. it has a blessing of its own. Teringat jua that time that we have not yet done our POST WED shoot *lol* Oh my!! And yeh... planning to go somewhere nanti but inda jua jauh sgt lh.. In need of retail therapy baby!! So prolly.. hmmm end of the year? Or mayb early nxt yr.. see lh hw it goes~ So now, it's browsing places for our mini honeymoon~ It is afterall the beginning of all honeymoons kan? ;) ;)

To my readers, especially Dk25, YE20, Miss83, Rach8, HisBumblebee (HB), Na21, reader4 and others which I could not mention, wishing all of yous Selamat Hari Raya and the very best of luck for the upcoming wedding preps. I believe Na21's wedding is coming up preeeetty soon~

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