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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

my deco!

Salam... back in my Uni years, me and my friends used to watch this TV show called "Extreme Makeover: HOME Edition". A reality tv show of which the needy gets their house refurbished and we were impressed! Apart from the American Next Top Model.. this too, was another MUST WATCH show for us. Mun d Brunei ada cemani, I want to be part of the team!!! They get everything done in just one week! Workmanshipnya.. phew~ Tiptop! And if dlm "Deko Bersama Eric" he did everything (for a room) in just one day.. this one, they did the WHOLE house, 1 week, demolished and rebuilt! How cool is that..?? Ofcourse, the house is a typical 'Wisteria Lane' type lh ah. Wood. :D And interior deconya... woooooooowwww! I bcame a big fan of interior deco eversince.

Still learning bits and pieces though. But for my room, I just follow my guts! *lol* Remember my stairway deco? I did that on the eve of my nikah and thank God!! Everyone loves it, in fact, it's STILL hanging on our staircase up until now *thumbsup*
  • The very first thing I did with my room was to draw the layout on a piece of paper. i.e arrangements of bed, wardrobe dressing table.. perhaps for some of you, maybe d mana kn menyimpan tv.. access to balcony or maybe ur ensuite bathroom.
  • Secondly, the choice of bedset ... which do you prefer? choice of colour? dark / light?
  • Third comes flooring (tile, laminated, carpeting) and wall paint...my personal view would be just slightly lighter than the furniture (for the whole room) and any total contrast colour as the feature wall, bearing in mind the feature wall IS the room colour theme! A feature wall bleh jua we use wallpaper.. nowadays, there's a wiiiiiiiiiideeeeeeeeeee range of wallpapers offered by interior decorating companies here. So it's your choice~
  • Fourth, my curtain and bedsheets / cover etc. took me several visits to actually confirm my colour and choice of fabric as well as design. Believe me, it was hard for us to come up with simple design (for the bed header) yet look elegant and somewhat different than others... Talk about being fussy! *blush* We spent like an hour plus (on our 3rd visit..yes, THIRD..just for the bed header cos curtain i want it straight and simple saja) to actually confirm the design .. atupun based on her (Sunil's owner) pileS of magazines and curtain decoration books. Rambang mata ani wah!
  • Fifth is the lighting. You either go for a chic chandelier or drop lights.. well, ofcourse depending on the design of your ceiling. My case? A 26 years old living room chandelier really did the trick. It's been in the living room before i was born and now finally, I put it into good use (another reason why i chose the vintage bedset) *lol*

  • Lastly, simplicity deco was my aim. Just bought myself a rug, side table lamp, dressing table runner and artificial 'white roses in a pot' hehehe following my guts? Yes! Atuuuu saja my room decoration.. not much.

I know some bride-to-bes love their rooms to be decorated with fresh flower bouquet on you side table, on the bed.. dressing table and some petals on the bed, again, it is YOUR choice~ :) I chose not to have all those.. ada pun, had I have the time masa atu, it would probably just be the petals.. hehehe but then again, knowing my little nieces and nephews, so.. better I skip that option as well..

A few examples I looked through for my room but only took bits as ideas with improvisation ofcourse~

loving this one except the lamp..

... above the bed needs something..but impressive simple touch..
a bit plain on the feature wall..again I'd say, tampal a few framed pictures above the bed if nda mau pakai kelambu~ ;)
BUT my utmost reference would be MARTHA STEWART's... she's impressive! Please click HERE to surf onto her site~ LOTS of tips there.. design bilik2nya pun LAWA~

Till nxt time peeps... Insya-Allah~

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