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Sunday, 11 October 2009

the daring RED

Salam all...

Was gonna talk about the meaning of the colour RED, but then again.. I think not~ Much has been happening to me the past 2 weeks. Recently, my office had our Hari Raya celebration .. and red happened to be my colour during the event.. hehehe skalinya? That got me thinking, yes.. I should do RED theme this time.

I have read through some of the chats above (didn't get the chance to read all cos byk dh ketinggalan) Internet's being unfriendly with me.. both at home and office.. so yeah~ can't get online la jwpannya~ I can surfed on to this site via my phone, yes, but then again, to comment on the chatango or wedding talks.. tak dapat lah pulak! I am soooooooooooooooo missing everyone in here!!! I miss updating news with you lots and alhamdulillah, I'm glad that sorang2 ada progress dh msani.

Before I proceed with the theme, lemme share with u lots my 7 mths journey on preparing my wedding last August. It's just a summary so if you ladies have any question, feel free to ask yea?
  1. January : got engaged with my husband (25.01.2009) - hehe that's a date to remember ;)
  2. February : surveying bridal boutiques for our desired baju Sanding (to buy kain ourselves or to just rent with our customade design) and book wedding ring
  3. March : doing surveys and shopping for hantarans, buat Jongsarat
  4. April : pelamin booked, taking measurements and designing for all my bajus, furniture bought, photog and MuA booked
  5. May : invitation cards (confirmed and paid deposit), typing out names, room renovation
  6. June : bought all the doorgifts and packaging, printing and sorting out invitation cards, booking for bouquets, room renovation continues
  7. July : handing over of invitation cards, sorting out bunga talors, curtains installed, furniture delivered and room deco, delivered hantaran to SH - picked up 2 days before Nikah.
  8. August : THE Wedding.
Bare in mind, the theme below are just the stuffs I surveyed for mine. (untuk ambil2 idea) hehe

red white pelamin

red deco

red scrolls

Oh yes, to answer bride2bealso's question from my 'Wedding Talks'... susunan yg penting according to this.. Al-Quran (if ada), then Sirih Junjung (if ada), then Mas Kahwin, Jongsarat (if ada), and then cincin.. whilst the rest.. mana saja th tu, to suit its importance ;)

As for me and my hubby's own update, STILL blum lgi we do our post wedding photo shoot and still thinking on when's the best date to go for our honeymoon.. chosen a destination dh.. it'll be KL (shopping and honeymooning) hehehe. Right about now, I'm still sorting out pictures to be develop for our wedding album and photobook.. hmmm. terlampau banyak yg bsai2 bh, so far I've only managed to narrow it down to 500+ pix. Dear photog, please bare with me yeah? Will email you the list soon...

To all, thanks for still visiting this site.. Insya-Allah will try to be online sometime nxt week ani k? Hope to chat with you ladies jua.. :) :) :) Best of Luck!!!

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