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Friday, 16 April 2010


Salam Jumaat to everyone..

Today will be the day most couples decide to have their Nikah. Be it at the mosque or at home, us brides always want to make the most of it. I once had a plan to have a mini pelamin for this special event but due to seating location, I can't implement it. Was thinking to have something decorated like everything below ani......

With extra flowers, pillows, rose petals and NO butterflies
(no offence to those yg suka butterflies hehehe)

but sadly, arh my place the big window is facing the Qiblat hence, if me simpan my seat there.. I'll be sitting behind the Imam and face to face with the hubby and that's totally wrong!

I once asked my Dad, why this is so? He said,
sama mcm orang lakibini sembahyang berjemaah, isteri dibelakang kan? Inda jua kamu kan face to face each other... ? A simple answer indeed. *toink*

Another model I had in mind... PINK and white... simple but have to sewa the frame lgi. Yg awal2 td atu bleh buat sendiri ;) so take ur pick!
A creation of your own. A white lining chiffon is available at any textile shops, the leaves say.. arh Kedai $1.80. Flowers, can either be bought or rent at any flower / wedding boutiques and instead of spotlights, u may opt for floating candles .. voila!

another DIY set..using dividers and flowers with fur-ish carpets
I loooooovvee love love love loooove this one!
with red carpet on this one.. ;) ;) a simple deco for your engagement.
Sapa2 yg kan betunang atu.. *ahem2*

Last but not the least...this one is to die for!
Suits for Nikah, Berbadak Mandi.. or for Mandi Belawat (40 hari bersalin)..
cute kan? Chic and modern indeed! Buleh utk deco tempat 'Adat Basuh kaki' arh front porch ni.. :D :D Cool I say~

So yeah.. they are lots and lots of creative ideas we can come up with for our "MINI" Pelamin. Some even just go for drapes hanging here and there 'ala2 A Thousand and one Night' theme... *sigh* I guess, the next person in line (in the family) to get married will be really lucky to have me around hehehe .. paning kepala my Aunty kli? No? *lol*

Until next time.. Insya-Allah~
Have a good Friday!!

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