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Monday, 6 April 2009

Trip to K.L ~ booked

Yesterday, I booked my tickets to K.L. ... yes, will be flying sometime early May, after my cousin's wedding! Me, mummy and #1 lah yg pegi this time around. Not sure where we gonna stay nanti but I hope it's just somewhere @ Masjid India.

I've been struck by kusut-ness due to the invitation cards, yes, still! I hope the gal e-mailed me quick, I'd want my confirmation by end of this week. Then, since takut pisang berbuah dua kali, better I ask her to print a copy dlu, scan and emailed them to me.. need to make sure that it is readable this time around.... (#2's advice)

I bought my bed set dah last week during the Da Vinci Collection Charity Sale.. :) :) I kinda like the design so just immediately beli lah, and yesterday what did I found out? Arah one of the wedding pics I Surfed on to... sama ani wah furniture kami! *lol* But definitely will try to make mine look slightly different.. bila mendeco2 lah tu nanti ah?

Dad has confirmed with me to pacahkan dinding my room and extend sikit (kira close up my veranda) yes.. nda jua begunakan beranda atu.. so.. hrm, I sortof agree with that idea... meaning, have to move out from my room lah ni nanti... dudidudidudidu~ #2 has offered me to sleepover arh her room.. we'll see lah yea, but then again, I did that sometimes ..especially masa air-cond inda baik hehehehe so yeah, moving out from room - to be implemented! Dimana tah my cat tido ne? poor little guy...

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