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Monday, 27 September 2010


Salam everyone,

I'm not so sure as to when to continue my wedding posts. I have tons of articles and tips to share with all!! (aside from my random updates about my current well-being that is~) I was thinking of posting this on the 2nd week of Syawal.. but then again, it's been bz here and there.. everyone gets the drill I bet? :D

Thought I'll start my weddings entries with "Theme". Something for 2011 couples I guess, cos if kan buat for this year would be too rushing kan? Hehehe~

So here's a sample of invitation card specially designed in gray with white inserts and black writings. Some people love to have their invites tied with ribbons, so why not make something different like this one?

a sample of grey hantaran

I am soo sooo soooooo in love with this dress. It's simple but will definitely be an eye catcher. I love a simple monotone beading works, hence my wedding dress last time. But this one is definitely.... *wow*

a little bit simpler but indefinitely elegant! this is where your tudongs, tiaras and/or even bouquet can actually standout!

a little closer to the typical ones we see here in Brunei...

a grey-silver heels that is to die for! (simple, elegant and hawt!)

door gifts packs, can simmpan sweets / mints in them~

the nyummyness of a monotone cake... nyum2~
grey - purple pelamin.. ethnic touch and plays more on the lighting concept. I *heart* the stand lamps hehehe

the lovely grey bedroom.. and who dare says grey paint for a room is dull?
This will be my NEXT project on someone's room~ *nyeh2*
a little more subtle but still is comfy!

I find it hard to wrap up this entry... took me 1 breakfast meal and a chitchat session with the in-laws to actually have a simple idea on how to do this. Hahahaha well, at least I'm saying something?? Nda jua gantung2 right??? Hehehe to the future bride&groom~~ Remember, the less you spend the better. :D Until the next time.. insya-Allah~

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