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Friday, 24 September 2010

fairy tale indeed!!

Salam all...

Found this video on YouTube. A very, very, very expensive wedding but nonetheless, a memorable one. But seriously speaking, I like how the video is recorded. I'm sure this took at least 5 cameramen?? At LEAST tu ah~ Me and Mr.A thought this was Taylor Swift's videoclip of "Today Was A Fairy Tale" !! Fairy tale wedding indeed...

The way the whole wedding settings were made, the decorations, the... haih, macam2 lagi lah. I fell in love with the dais (pelamin) too... could there be a possibility of those kinds coming to Brunei?? Prolly in the next 2-3 years time, i.e when I actually have my own wedding business *Amin* and by that time, will bring in more and more designs! Insya-Allah~

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think? :D :D

A production of Manggis.TV,
The wedding of a daughter to the coordinator of NAZA Group of Companies

A brief details on their business scope :

Naza Group of Companies, Malaysia’s largest and prestigious importer of luxury automobiles was originally founded in 1975. As the main importer and distributor of automotive brands such as Ferrari, Peugeot and Brabus but to name a few, Naza has all but grown into one of today’s leading conglomerates in Malaysia. Latching on the success of its automobile business, it has since diversified into a variety of prominent industries which includes property development, motorbikes, hospitality, food & beverages, finance & insurance, manufacturing, research & creative solutions, transportation & logistics and agriculture.
For more info, www.naza.com.my

Until the next entry~ xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Bride,

    Her wedding is a fairytale comes true to her and to most of us, it's still a dream. Hehhe.. but yes, love her dais especially yg ada mcm diamonds atu. Lawaaa.. Not sure if any bridal shop di Brunei ani can make it. :p

    Mudah-mudahan you dikurniakan rezeki from Allah soon :D Amin amin amin..


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