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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Salam all...

Welcome to the 'new' layout. I thought of having a wedding entry but then again, we're just in the 2 weeks of Syawal and I haven't been talking much about myself for awhile! I was doing some research for a design work which me and my colleague had to do... sekali I ended up changing my blog background instead! *lol*

This background is supposed to be put on in October. With the blog coming to its 2nd year anniversary :D but looking at my schedule.. October's gonna be pretty hectic. So I decided to put it on sooner. :)

To answer wedding talks:

dais : tudong putih *yg automatic slip in with all crystals atu can be found anywhere @ boutiques or even, small2 booths yang di Mall / Hua Ho / Q-Lap... Plaza Athirah :D Best of luck!

Reena : Most of my friends I know ordered them straight from the products site. :D Kira bought originally from the company lah. A long process but satisfaction guaranteed!

guest : what I did was ikut exactly the no. of invitations sent + 150 for family (600 sanding = 750 guests, 300 berbedak = 450 guests, 150 nikah = 300 guests + 50 rombongan lelaki) . Some kira 3/4 of their invitation saja attend with spouses.

^_^ : You go for Syazlie, Naaqiyah, Suzy Niekman and Flawless&Shimmer (all in my list :D) oh yes, and K Pang.

Hehehehhe right, back to my update sikit..

My Eid celebration has been very slow aside from attending a few houses. Apologies to some of my friends, whose openhouses I did not attend. Most of them are on weekdays and I'm working soooo... jangan jara ah~ (those yang tau where I work will understand why I'm unable to attend) Had a family gathering over at my sis' last weekend and we all had fun. With new borns (my cousins') around, meriah suasana hehehehe and I just loooooveee cuddling them! Sampai ada my aunt thought yang the little one I was holding atu, mine... *lol* Ada usul sudah jadi Mummy kh Bu? We're still praying for that time to come... Insya-Allah~ Makes me sad jua sikit cause exactly the date last year... was the incident. Had it not happened, we'll be bringing a 4 months old child around Raya-ing here and there.. :D :D *sigh* Insya-Allah.. one day we will. Prayers be with all *Amin*

Anyhoots, I'll be putting on wedding themes on the next entry. So much infos gathered yet I have not managed to put them all together. How did I do this last time??? Hehehe timme to get back to business!!!

Until then... xoxo~

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