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Monday, 21 December 2009

PLAN PLAN PLAN.. for 2010!! : Part II

Salam and aloha~

I'm sooooo excited now that I am somewhere overseas enjoying the sales! Bought a cute dress yesterday~ Hubby finds it cute..shopping mode blum ON sangat cos sana sini laawa baaah! :( *sob* Anyhoos, before I set off to go and do MORE shopping. Let me continue the PLANNING update.

Step 6 : Pelamin. This normally you survey around dulu and then, book and deposit latest 3 months before your wedding. My likes were by Maszalina Boutique (house event), Roz Flower Boutique, Ruzz Pelamin and Nurhayana (the 3 boutiques provides house and hall pelamins) . The pelamin business is ever so growing that even RN Wedding pun do decos and pelamins jua. So yes, I would advise everyone to go round and do your surveys and choose which one suits your budget and likings! :D OR if you fancy some new designs for your pelamin. Enquire the boutique awal2 so that they can do their part of preps as early as they can.

Step 7 : Doorgifts (or Souvenirs, as it has been well-known to most). This one, what me and my sister did was to identify events yg we want to bagi souvenirs, namely yg berjemputan saja lh.. yg family only ndada hehehe :
  • Nikah, ___ ppl @ $____/person
  • Berbedak, ___ ppl @ $___/person + ___ppl membadaki @ $___/person (bleh jua kn bgi different for male and female)
  • Sanding,__ppl@ $___/person, some couple pun suka giv diff. doorgifts for little kids e.g snacks, lollies and the likes.
Note to all, price of doorgifts atu must includes packaging :) Ideas can be like ranges to lots of stuffs which can be used by our guests. I would prefer if kna bagi that little notebook for all, dpt jua scribble2 stuffs in it OR maybe fridge magnets to those yg berkemampuan? OR maybe.. hrmmm, kes paning2 just give green packets? no? *hee-hee* But ofcourse, to most, they still prefer dry biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, local snacks like sapit, baulu, penyaram, kuih cincin and the likes... *sigh* Even mentioning them makes my tummy grumble! Oh-my!!

Step 8 : Having sorted, the venue, invitation card, catering, pelamin, doorgifts, baju, make-up and photog...now you only have to worry about Decos! This includes :
  • Hall / House - aisle to the pelamin / driveway. Mine was just few lanterns from Roz Flower Boutique and it's lovely!! i wished I could keep them all hehe...
  • Car (for the groom) - own car deco, of which you need flowers, chiffons and ribbons (easily available at HOKKO or Buttons and Lace or Happy Star)...OR package with the catering services (FREE provided yang mengambil the catering atu the Pengantin lelaki side himself..if us ladies, inda jua dapat tu... unless kahwin di dewan and tani berhias dirumah, THAT maybe negotiable.. )
  • Wedding Arch - ALL flower boutiques offers this one. So you have nothing to worry of, EXCEPT if lambat buat decisions. Last week as i was going out for lunch with a friend of mine I saw one Arch yang I really loike~ I loooooiiiikkkeee berabis! That I even tell my friend to get it for her wedding!! *lol* The arch I saw was at Ami-Yani Bridal Boutique d Pandan 4, KB (sebaris DST)
  • Stairway - self deco (abit cheaper *winks*) or tempah if you think the deco you wish for is cheaper being done by the experts. I would prefer either way for my place but considering $$ was needed for something else so I skipped that and ended up buying lining with only costs about $1.50/m and bought like double the length of my staircase. My sisters all did the same thing as well..so that makes me no different. :D
  • Room - normally package with the stairway deco and car and aisle.. but most of us prefers to have our own room decorated by ourselves right? hehehe but the easiest bit would recycling and improvising the concept of what's in your room before to something more elegant and smart. :)
Step 9 : Room renovation... of which, I will touch on room renovation in my new post nanti.. ~

The shops are already calling my name! Hehehe~ I gotta run dulu.. til nxt time yeah?


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