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Thursday, 31 December 2009

-={@ 2010 @}=-


I'm back to the beloved country... yes, didn't really go overseas that long~ It was honey-money afterall kan?... :D got stuffs yg i wanted but yg REALLY wanted nada! *boo-hoo* A little update, FINALLY did our POSTWED PHOTOSHOOT and it was faaaabulous!!! Well, I hope it would be..~ Tunggu and lihat saja nanti k?? Hehehe!!

But anyways~, in the matter of hours it'll be 2010! And next Tuesday is the 1st year anniversary of our 'adat bersuruh' Inda sangka ah..? *sigh* More weddings of friends to attend *Alhamdulillah* (Hubby and I can hear some rumour of wedding bells coming along in 2010 *WOO-HOO!* You guys can't hide from us :P :p :P but we can hide from you~~~ ) and the first for 2010 would be my photog's Sanding function. Congrats Ucingitam and wife for the solemnization last 18th December 2009. And insya-Allah we'll make it on the day nanti :D

I know I promised all to talk pasal room renovation, but I believe I did so talked about it last time? So.. feel free to check out the link below ani yeh? Don't wanna flood much of my entry.. so yeah~ :D :D :D Been trying hard to find out how to change "anda mungkin juga meminati" to "you might also like" ... cali sulnya? no? I know we utamakan bahasa Melayu here in Brunei, but this blog is merely random rants and talks about weddings... so if ada orang yg pandai sana atu? or the fiance or hubby tau cemana and what's the cause, please leave me a chat k? TQ~

Lastly, AGAIN!!! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU HIJRAH 1431H dan MASEHI 2010. May next year be a better year for all of us... insya-Allah~

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