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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

a true story [for the LADIES]


I'm sure it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha~ Sorry for the late update, been having moodswings (time of the month) the past few days... yth, I've got no mood to post a new entry.

I've been meaning to post up this entry, something a dear friend of mine wishes to share with you all. Identity remains anonymous. You all may find this story abit off but it's good to take note.

A dear friend of mine wanted to share this story to all... I guess she wanted us to be prepared with the possibility of
BUNTING PELAMIN. Yes, yes.. the very significant pepatah melayu (Pepatah Melayu kh Peribahasa ah?) I'm sure eeeeevvvery ladies wishes to grasp. *Insya-Allah* :) Rezeki masing-masing, and kitani hanya mampu merancang. Apparently, ramai jua orang dapat bah ah..unless, yes.. time kahwin atu *coughs*...

Obviously the next step we want in our married lives would be, having babies! Yes, I would dream to have sebanyak2nya... they're just cute! Insya-Allah~ *AMIN* So this friend of mine kan... she got pregnant immediately lapas ya kahwin but she didn't realised it (ofcourse siapa jua kan tau?) until she missed her period and did a home pregnancy test. This was 5 weeks after her Sanding. She was overwhelmed but didn't want to go to the clinic just yet but her constant headache was bugging her. Tepaksa diheret ke clinic ni baru ya mau... Banar!!

Unfortunately, when she finally made it to the clinic... she had a minor bleeding of which she thought was just "spotting" but flowing... try to Google this up yeah ladies~ So..she told the doctor that she's pregnant, first pregnancy, suffering headaches AND bleeding at the same time! The doctor instantly looked worried as she told her abt the bleeding, she said. She was then immediately referred to the Gynae Clinic @ the Hospital and was told that she's in a situation of a threatened miscarriage!!! *gasp* The doctor did asked her what she's been doing the past few days before the bleeding, any excessive exercise? and what she eats? Then, I abruptly asked, '
Apa saja yg nda dpt d makan ani kan?'

Apparently ladies~~ once you know that you're preggy please, please, pleaaaase
avoid eating pineapple, anything hot, capsicums, peppers and papaya not forgetting coffee~ Avoid being all stressed out with work! Apparently, my friend had all those.. nafsu and dugaan bulan Puasa kan? Then again, it's just a precaution..some ladies makan jua, stress jua and all those, pun pregnant all the way jua. Rezeki kan? I guess It's just wasn't meant to be for her. A few days after she booked herself for gynae, she had a miscarriage. Her pregnancy was just 6 weeks old masa atu and she had to recover herself for 3 months (3 kli period lh tu?!?) before she could get pregnant again..

I felt sorry for her as she told me this. Dugaan Allah, maybe it's not time yet babe... Wallahuwa'lam~

Kesian though, she didn't have the chance to tell us that she's pregnant..tau2 we heard the news that she miscarried. That's why she wanted me to share this story in my blog... to let us all know, do's and don'ts. Why not kan?

Thanks love, insya-Allah after 'cuti' atu belurih tu~!~ *Amin*


  1. Salam. Few friends of mine pun same case. Yes, for all bride to be (dan isteri2 actually), perlu kenal pasti biologi badan macamana n make sure pasal family planning n all. If dun, then chances can be knocking any seconds.

    remember : listen to ur bodies, ladies. Insyallah...usaha as wt u said...

  2. yes Dania, I agree with you. we have to know our body clock but all depends on ketentuanNya.. take it positively, ada hikmah disebaliknya. :) :) tani mampu merancang saja kan? :) :) :)

  3. Salaam, I think also one of the most important lesson for everyone is that, once you found out you're pregnant please go to the gynae immediately. I too had terrible headaches when I first discovered I was pregnant, (apparently for some people that is a symptom of pregnancy), but I forced myself to go.

    Bagi wanita yang selalu keguguran and untuk mengelakkan dari keguguran, baca surah Al Hijr.

    Perhaps something to read:


    Lastly untuk menghibur hati yang duka,

    Mu'adh bin Jabal reported that Rasullullah SAW said "By Him in whose Hand is my life,the miscarried fetus will drag his mother to paradise, with his navel string if she had shown the patience for the sake of reward from Allah"


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