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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


My last entry on theme was last October, sorry for that. I came across a few yell-o themes for next yr's bride-to-bes! Couples are getting moore and more daring nowadays, maroon / burgundy *coughs*, pink, magenta, purple... even YELLOW!

Here we have yellow and black~ notice the heels.. nice ey? Buat baju pun bisai tu.. get a black lace aND yellow lining and voila~ you have a chic modern wedding dress!

This pelamin I must say is simple, playing with the flower deco and lighting jdinya ia appear jdi yellow :D

Loving the table deco...suitable for meja pengantin.. simple AND elegant! Ofcourse to make it even more elegant, use yellow roses instead of sunflower. Another romantic touch I must say~

to compliment that.. kerusi pengantin pun dsign like this lah? cana? No need to cover up the whole chair if u can't, just get some lining kain to tie the ribbons around your chairs like so~ ;)

another 'regal' theme for yellow~ classic pelamin but modern baju.. sapa berani?

yellow invitation card~

yellow wedding cake

yellow wedding bouquet.. NOT to be used with yellow baju tho! Else it wouldn't stand out, the flower should be used either with white, brown or black ;) turqoise, apple green.. basically jgn kuning and kuning lh..

I have yet to continue my 'planning' entry. insya-allah by end of this week yeh? until then..


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  1. i also ngah cari yellow theme becoz x ramai yg pkai...nice gak kan..balck + white + yellow..i like :) ~


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