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Friday, 22 May 2009

bridal bouquet


I remember in one of my previous entries in March, I mentioned about booking a ticket flight to K.L again? Well, I sorta cancelled that cos I decided to redo my invitation card in Brunei saja. Juz because of a 'miscommunication', I had to redo them all over again, but nonetheless, yes, Alhamdulillah~ BUT Mummy and dear Sis's flight is still on and at this very moment, they're in K.L woohoo~ Did tell my sis to get me some good Tudongs while they're there! ;) Jangan lupaaaaaaaa!!!! And ladies, please becareful.. I just received a text that 1 local is infected by H1N1 dh frm KL.. :x Mudah2an Mummy and Sis dilindungi olehNya *Amin*

Had a glimpse of my invitation card last Tuesday, it's almost ready cos tinggal melipat2 lgi and hopefully will probably be done by *insya-Allah* today latest Saturday~ (as promised) I like the finished product, macam waaahh.. nyaman jua rasa hati seeing them lah. Dear daddy's been following up saja 'Belum siap kad jemputan mu? Byk lg kn d buat ni.. sorting out jemputan apa.. menampal2 nama atu sekjp, ni nah, menyusun family by family ah..' heheh so yeah :D You most definitely won't be disappointed Dad!! Design of the card? Simple but elegant... as future sis-in-law would say it.. :)

Moving on to my preparation updates, you know when your other halves have that skeptical look as you enter Charles & Keith or Vincci or any other shoe shops? And maybe for those of you not in Brunei, as you enter TOPSHOP, Miss Selfridge, H&M or Primark?? Haha, I know~ that "Uh-oh, here we go again.." look, but when the shoe /dress fits you right and nicely they'd have the expression? the twinkles in their eyes and glow from the face? ...................................... EXACTLY the look on dear fiancé's face masa I tried out this shoe @ Shoe Lovers last week. It was to die for!!! The moment liat mukanya like that, I just knew I should buy them... "Ai lawa sayang!! U're gonna buy that??" "Bh ON!" (meaning, bh bali tia! hehehe)

I already have a flipflop for the solemnization ceremony costs less that $50 and now a 2.5" heels prolly for hmmm, the sanding? and can be worn lgi afterwards to attend dinner functions, weddings or hmmm.. raya? Or prolly special function with the hubby.. *winks*winks* kn sayang kan?

That's almost ALL preparations done except.... my bridal bouquet. I want fresh flowers. Yes, demanding I may be, I WANT fresh flowers for my wedding bouquet. I still haven't survey all the florists here cos I think it's still early and maybe lagi bisai if I do this in July nanti.. *sigh* pebaik th busy month for my work tu... dudidudidudidudidu~ In the mean time, I hav surfed through for various bridal bouquet designs and it's available HERE.

Honestly speaking before this I don't even know that there are actually different types of bridal bouquet.. rupanya macam2!! Personally I think yg more towards our Malay culture would be :
  1. The Posy Bouquet
  2. The Nosegay Bouquet (auu 'gay')
  3. The Biedermeier Bouquet (sounds exquisite!)
  4. The Composite-Flower bouquet
  5. The Ballerina
  6. The Unique ones, click HERE
Can't actually decide, which design I really want but I do know I want roooooossseeesssss!!! Here are some samples I kidnapped from Google, includes yg di atas atu~ *lol*

roses and lilies...
roses... lawa eeeeee!!

the pink and whites
noticed the way they tied the flowers... unique kan???

I may not be a big fan of yellow but this is simply nice!!

and ofcourse these~ suits best with white, cream, or any combination that has little bit of purple on your dresses... ;)

Now you ladies and gents know why I find it hard to decide on which style to make for my bridal bouquet?? Cos you see, it's not just abt the flower is how you arrange them.. as for me, my priorities would be, at least ada couple of roses OR just roses allover AND the flowers to be delivered to my place, instead of me or a representative picking them up due to handling purpose... so where oh where can I find such services? I know Maszalina Boutique does this.. as well as the florist behind the Centerpoint... I hav yet to go to Roz's Flower boutique in Serusop and see what they offer... hmmm, mana lgi florist d Brunei ani kn?????!


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