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Monday, 18 May 2009

some tips..

Salam all and good evening...

Just merely updating the blog as I was surfing through google and found these...I was actually looking for some tips for myself jua. Had a conversation with the other bride-to-bes regarding 'belulut' before wedding last night, and yes, as we all know confirm bh malam before bersanding atu kna 'luluti' leh Pengangun.. so that's why I'm not bothered by it.. *lol* BUT as adviced mesti buat jua lh awal2... (mesti th merajinkan diri nee...~)

Other beauty tips which we should look into for BOTH male and female :


Have a facial
(better awal lh ah~ baik jua bejaga2)
Have an aromatherapy massage
(this one th yg I haven't done up until now.. I think I'm gonna go a week before my wedding ne..)

Have a pedicure and manicure..
(if u can't do them urselves then go to the salon)

Waxing treatment <-- a MUST especially the wedding week! :P
Hair treatment (steam kh ozone kh.. whichever you prefer) <-- should be maintained until forever ni...~


Exfoliate face and body... Belulut as well as SCRUBbing!!
Have a manicure.. if need to lh ah~
Conditioning treatment for hair (simply with our hair conditioners)
Facial mask (juz get those ones yg arh Guardian ah..soothing, really!!)


Cleanse, tone and moisturise..the face
Apply cuticle oil.. the fingers
Lotion...the whole body
Drinks lots and lots of water.. preferrably 8 glasses per day
Keep a healthy diet
Exercise at least 30mins

I have actually found a real article in a magazine but I somehow misplaced it.. ntah manakah hilangnya, it's one of those WANITA, NONA, JELITA mags I bought.. haih~ cuai, cuai.. but yeh,, will try to find that one and post it up here cos bisai bh isi2nya.. like 6mths before wedding..apa u shud do~ 4mths.. 3 mths.. and sampailah the wedding day... ugh!

Can't blieve I misplaced that mag.. *sigh*

Anyways... up next,
something essential for all brides~ that's all I can say..for now ;)

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