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Friday, 8 May 2009

Gd a.m. ~

Salam all...

It's been a tough and busy week. Macam2 kan di buat di office ah and my dateline is this Saturday!! :s Good news is.. I'm almost done with all .. yay!!! ~

Today is Friday, yes, yes, cutiiii~~ And here I was thinking that i could actually wake up late tapi awal jua masih! *lol* Ok jua tu bah.. hehe Alhamdulillah~ (at least bgn kan?) Plans for today would be :
  1. "business"
  2. meet up dear fiancé
  3. settle with the invitation cards (mesti tpun dulu ni and set up an appointment)
  4. book for P.A system utk Nikah... for Sanding nda payah cos org Gulintangan ada their own... ;)
Hmmm what else is there ah?? I haven't actually decided to rent out a flower bouquet (yg gold / silver atu) OR to get meself a fresh flower bouquet for my sanding. Prices varies with sizes ofcourse and I too haven't decide whether or not I want to jdikan my little babyfruits, the flower girls. My sister did offer plg but then kesian bh usul durg mcm clueless duduk2 /standing next to me ah... still thinking it through BUT for sure I'd need some1 to sit next to me nanti tym Nikah.. *hint*hint* to my dearest cousins and friends~~ hahaha

Even thinking abt it sudah buat me nervous *lol* apa neeeee....?! but really, I can't wait for the day to come.. less than 3 mths away~

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