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Monday, 11 May 2009


A relief from all my preparations!!! fuuuhhh~~

- FINALLY!!! I get to see the samples for my timber flooring... good thing I attended the CLEX exhibition @ ICC last time. Dapat jua special promotional price.. *sigh* The thing is material belum lgi masuk Brunei, so... have to wait for the materials to come in and then pay deposits and then suruh install~ *yay!!* By then prolly it's June.. and my curtains pun siap dh kli tu *hopefully*..so can ask them to pasang jua... mid-June, my furniture will come in.. or maybe end of June?

- Again.. FINALLY!!! Got my invitation card sorted out. Paid my deposits and Insya-Allah will be ready in saay... 2 weeks time? At least by early June nanti bleh sort out the invitation cards.. siapa yg d bagi full.. siapa yang inda.. to print out the guests names lagi... boh mcm busy June ani??

- Celebrated Mother's Day with the family. My sis lanja and dear fiancé was invited. Decided to do my shopping for Kain Baju Melayu and Sinjangs for Hantaran and Alhamdulillah.. got them all at a very good and discounted prices!! ;) cool eh? And uniforms for the Gents in the family pun me dpt dah... so, that's sorted out~ *thumbsup* Shopping mode was definitely ON!! Hahaha.. rupanya Nazmi had a special promo for Mother's Day..patutlh semua 30-60% discountnya~ Got a B$133 kain spasang for just $50!!! Mana nda dear fiancé mcm.. 'Bah bali tia~ for my Hantaran..' hehehe iskiness!!!!

- Wedding rings are ready and so went to check it out jua today~ Lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! *sigh* I was in the 'moment' d kdai td atu... hehehe so we ask them to keep it safe for us until someday near to our wedding day :) :) '.. then we'll keep it forever..'

- We've the chance to go to this flower boutique at the Centerpoint (yg d belakang) Apparentlyyyyy... they have services for hantaran deco AS WELL AS modern concept pelamins! A little suggestion for those yg belum cnfirmkan their pelamins and hantarans k? But for hantaran..gangsa nda plg ada tu.. just hantaran deco and rental of pelamins and deco for halls / houses and bedrooms! ;)

As for me, everything is going on well and yes, well sorted.. mudah2an jua June/July follow-up sessions nanti going on fine.. insya-Allah *amin* Can't wait to see the finished products of my baju(s) hehe...

Until then ladies~

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