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Thursday, 14 May 2009

an entry..

Sorry to all for the lack of updates ladies.. or maybe some gents? :) :) I'm sure your other halves pun ada surfing through this blog, so yeah~

Since the big day is coming up in just less than 3 mths away.. well, I'd say it's 2.5mths away~ *gasp* I'm feeling rather much excited yet nervous at the same time...~ Met my friends from my Uni years this week, and mind you..only the selected few saja yg tau that I'm gonna get married soon.. and yeh, these are the few ppl.. hehe masing2 betanya sapa my photog and where I've decided to do my pre / post wedding photos. I'd like to express my thanks to the gals pasalnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. yeah, I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY thought of that one *lol* Silly, silly me.... macam, ada plg tepikir tpi not really thinking it through and we're suppose to have a list places for photoshoots sudah ni *gasp* Mana bisai ah? ... think, think, think!!!!

Photography is also part of the reason why I want to have my wedding ceremonies at home jua (kes mau lain dri orang lain lh tu.. na mau sama background photoshoots *lol* I know, I know..) plus, keeping myself on a budget here. This home is where I grew up and this is where I'd want to get married and get my photos taken for my wedding.. take photo saja n have my function elsewhere is possible but theeeeeen mcm inda th ada that 'homebound' feeling. And as for pre / postwed photoshoots... errm, for post, still the very blank!

Prewed, dear fiancé ada gave me an opinion, and well, I sorta like it cos it's unique. So, prolly will definitely use his idea and hopefully it'll turn out ok. We're still deciding on which photog shall we choose to take our prewed shots. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions...!

For everyone's info, me and dear fiancé have our own different photog, both of which offered us good package with affordable price. Following dearest Dad's advice, we rather not spend that much $ for photography. "Buleh lagi ko bli yang lain tu lai... you don't need to pay that much amount of $$$ for photogs..." Partly true (though I'd want to take my photos like the ones yg d expo Mall haritu, i.e. not in the country), so I settled for the not so expensive photog but yet still give me good quality shots and offering the package yg I always wanted. For as long as they have what we want, we won't regret it. Got mine and dear fiancé's photog booked sometime in March. My sisters did gave me an idea of having different photogs for every events, cos my events ani 4 kan.. so mcm, ktanya why not go for different photogs, and i was like.. errmm... it'd be more expensive of somewhat?? And besides, 'too many cooks spoiled the broth' don't u think?

Alhamdulillah that me and dear fiancé managed to get our photogs booked for our events sudah. (Frm what I hear now, the dates esp. August atu full..? Byk org kawin..~~~) Insya-Allah, both photogs can give us their very BEST for our wedding ceremonies nanti. ;) ;) *Amin* Who ?? Tunggu aja nanti aaahhhh~

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