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Sunday, 31 May 2009

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cool yeah??? but no... not my room...
I just love the daring colour combination and it even has a sound proof wall panel *ahem*ahem* suggestion for a dear friend~ u know who u r!!
Salam dear readers..

The invitation card has been collected. Since the last weekend, all of us were sorting out the cards :
  1. Invitations with all 3 events
  2. Invitations with only 2 events
  3. Invitations for 1 event
Got my list of names printout on stickers already and so far we (me and Dad) have manage to sort out few kampongs. I do the cutting whilst Dad gets to choose which name yg d bagi all 3 events invitations and which yg inda... 144 names sudah~ yeay! Will do more tomorrow insya-Allah... As for campur, for the time being I would say the cost of each item is within the budget and menepati Mum's wish *thumbsup* got for malam ready.. for siang sja lagi :)

Had a lunch gathering with my dearest friends today and got to hand them my invitation cards (awal? .. takut nxt month busy smpi nada masa kan bagi dorg and yes, cos they're my friends and I do wish to give them first hand!) June will be another busy month for my wedding preps, flooring peeps will come in nxt Sunday, then I can do cleaning up for my room.. lap2 sana sini especially the lampu dlm bilik yg sudah berhabok *ah-choo* then maybe the week after, I could ask my bedset to be delivered to my place.. yippee!! Ada katil baru~ but, but ikut style my cousin... nda mo tidur atas katil eh, pakai tilam and zzzz atas lantai saja *lol* Other than that, need to follow-up with my tailor regarding our baju for the 3 events. Bilaaaaa th kn fitting ani?? We certainly can afford to do much in July nanti cos it's HM's birthday season so yeah.. the whole month's gonna be extraordinarily BUSY!

Things to do in June :

  • continue with labelling my invitation cards.. still have bandar, belait and 3/4 of Tutong lgi...owh, owh not forgetting officemates and staffs ;)
  • confirmation with photogs (gather ideas for prewed and postwed photoshoots)
  • installation of flooring
  • to clean my room before/after bedsets being delivered
  • delivery of bedset
  • to put back all my stuffs back into my room
  • netball / jogging
  • get form for Jurunikah (end of the month)
  • to confirm pelamin and colour concepts as well as designs
  • fitting baju berbedak, Bersanding and Muleh 7
    (ani menunggu call ni.. mudahan jua by mid of the month..*Amin*)
  • pasang curtains for my room :) Yay!~
  • buy table lamp (found them sudah ganya blum I buy sal don't know where to put)
  • prepare report for my work.. no, correction, report(s)
So many things to do yet soooo little time.... the clock is ticking.. tick, tock, tick, tock!

p/s: Syurga Cinta touched me .... *sigh*

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