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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

tick, tock, tick, tock.. [editted]

Yesterday, went down to Bandar to look for a place where we can rent sinjang & dastar. Macam all this while I thought we're only able to rent the whole set, rupanya if bits and pieces pun can do~ Since I'm renting out my accessories at Myzura... so i dropped by to the place lh to see whether or not they hav the desired colour for sinjang n dastar my hubby-to-be. Was planning to go to Roza Rohaya tpikaaaan kmarin atu ramai org bh, well in the neighbourhood atu lh so if ada org nampak heeee~ malu ei~~ Dear fiancé ada cari dh d KB but no luck... doon't know arh Nurhayana tho.. oooo that reminds me, need to go there kan minjam P.A system for Nikah. Belum th singgah2nya dri haritu..yesterday pun lupa me jua.. too excited to see that ada matching sinjang n dastar with my lace... funny though I still don't know y I don't go to Maszalina. Tsk, tsk, tsk.. shame on u B2B!! Then again... I'm planning to hav my bridal bouquet to be done by them sal they do delivery.. hehehe *yay*

Warna apa bisai ah my bouquet ah... my songket is maroon.. and do I need one for nikah as well?? prolly a small itsy bitsy cute bouquet ah? we'll see... ok, going over board there..

Dear fiancé's planning to wear just baju melayu for ziarah (on sanding day) and muleh 7 but with dastar n sinjang ofcourse~ Which, I personally, recommended lah.. cos panas jua tu berziarah atu..and Muleh 7, is just a small ceremony (tpi diri makai lace~ *lol*) ok, ok..u got me there.. small but nonetheless, bersanding jua masih kn..dats y my dear pkai dastar jua. We're not gonna have ambil2an cos it's not practiced by the family (both).. Muleh 7 ? My dad mau ALL of us siblings have the same wedding functions carried out hehehe so ok lah, I'd say, why not?

Aaaaanyways, the big day is coming up soon!!! hahaha for my cousin that is.. he'll be married this weekend. I'm utterly excited for him, ntah don't know why.. it's gonna be just a simple function but yalah, us ladies ani jua yg excited to the max. My sister is doing her best to decorate my cousin's Hantaran (her gift to him, kna suruh oleh my aunty lh jua).. siuk semua barang2 ada. As for mine nanti... my balasan Hantaran(s) ... duit saja buat lh, sama jua equivalent.

I'm gonna be the wedding blogger of the day ni.. will upload his wedding pics nanti insya-Allah~ As for now..I'm sure my aunt is pretty busy with her preparation. Will most definitely drop by her place tomorrow ;) Siuk ne menervouskan cousin..especially if the cousin is a GUY. I don't know what my job ne nanti for his wedding but..let's hope that it's notgonna be a tiring one (bila jua events kahwin ani nda tiring??) ... dub, dab, dub, dab... the clock is ticking on me.


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